Barry M Textured- Kingsland Road and Atlantic Road

Back in February I bought Station Road and Ridley Road from the Barry M Textured range and absolutely loved them, you can see the swatches and review here. I mentioned in that post, that I may or may not buy at least one of the other 2 from the range. Of course, I caved and bought both of them. If you’ve been reading lately, you’ll know that I am completely in love with the textured trend and want every single polish I can get my hands on that has a texture. 
So, these 2 polishes are Kingsland Road and Atlantic Road.

Kingsland Road is the one I wasn’t too sure about, yes, because it’s pink, but it’s really not bad at all. 

Kingsland Road
It’s a pretty pale/baby pink and is very subtle in colour. The polish applied well and dried very quickly, which meant that the effect appeared quickly too.

Atlantic Road
Atlantic Road is a pastel sky blue and reminds me of Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream give or take a shade. I had no problems with application, although once completely dry, it did seem a bit patchy (probably my application).
Both of these pictures show 2 coats of polish. The formula’s are a bit runny compared to the normal Barry M Nail Paints.
Removal is easier than I anticipated and is somewhere about half way in between removing a normal nail polish and a glitter nail polish. Adding any top coat with these does take away the textured finish but as you can see, these have a slight shine to them anyway.
At the moment, the only colours available in the range are Kingsland Road, Atlantic Road. Station Road and Ridley Road, but I am holding out hopes that they bring out some darker shades in the near future.
These are available for £3.99 each from Barry MSuperdrug and Boots.
How do you feel about the textured trend? What other polishes would you recommend with textured effects?

Author: Chrissie

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