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Lately, it seems like everyone has been talking about vinyls and what you can do with the, I have never tried them before, so when these Chevron Vinyl Stickers arrived from Born Pretty Store, I started trying out some different nail art straight away.

So much so, that I forgot to take pictures of the vinyls themselves and ended up taking a photo after using quite a bit of them.
You get one sheet that has 2 strips of vinyls on it, each strip has 19 chevrons, but to be honest, half of a single chevron was enough to go all the way across my nail so I snipped each strip down along the middle and technically ended up with 76 chevrons. That is loadsa mani’s.
I tried loads of different things with them, and being that this was my first time with them, most of them turned out to be fails, so I have put 3 of my favourite and least hideous attempts into this post.
So first up, adding chevrons as an accent to a stamped mani. For this I used a base of Barry M Matt white and topped with a coat of Seche Vite. The vinyls have quite a strong adhesive and so it was important to let the Seche dry for long enough that I didn’t pull a chunk up with the vinyl when removing it, 30 mins seemed long enough.
I applied the vinyls where I wanted them and went over them with Barry M Mint Green, this part took a few attempts. At first I thought I needed to remove them quickly, like striping tape, but I soon realised that the polish needed to dry a little bit to be able to get the crisp edges.

The vinyls are really strong as well, so if you place them in the wrong place, you can pull them up and move them around without ripping them or ruining them.
After this mani, I did try leaving the vinyls on the nail as part of the design, I thought because of the strong adhesive that this would work well, but after adding topcoat, I got loads of lift all over the place and it ended up being a huge mess. I’m sure I have seen people who have done this and it looks great, so potentially I did something wrong.

The next thing I tried was another thing that I have seen loads of people trying lately, a negative space mani. For this, after applying OPI Nail Envy and allowing it to dry, I placed a vinyl across the centre of each nail, then I painted my nails with GOSH Holographic Hero. I let the first coat dry, then applied a second coat before removing the vinyls. 
It looked good at that point, but something was missing, so I added some black outlines, everything looks better with a black outline.

Luckily the sun peeked out just long enough for me to get a photo with a little bit of holo showing through, This mani is definitely my favourite of all 3, its slightly different and you gotta love that sparkle.

The final of the 3 is this shark bite style with OPI Emotions. For this one, I kind of took inspiration from the Jinx Mani that was going around when that polish was first released, and the fact that Shark week has just started.
To do this, I started with a base of Barry M Matt White, and topped with Seche. Once dry, I placed the vinyls and went over with 2 coats of OPI Emotions. Because Emotions has the texture and some glitter, it made it a little more difficult to get the clean, crisp lines but it turned out quite cute in the end.
There are probably hundreds of other ways to use these vinyls, and I loved trying them out, so much so, that I went on and bought some other vinyls in a different style. 
You can buy these Chevron vinyls here from Born Pretty Store for $1.58(£0.94), that’s 94p and you could get loads and loads of mani’s out of this single sheet. Plus, if 94p isn’t cheap enough for you, use my discount code CBAQ10 for a further 10% off your order.
The vinyl stickers in this post were sent to me for review purposes, All opinions expressed are my own, honest opinions.

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