My picks from the Barry M A/W Gellys

I’m a big fan of the Barry M Gelly collections, I don’t think you can go wrong with them. The formula’s are fantastic, they are super pigmented, the dry time is great and they finish to a glossy high shine.
For the most part, in previous releases, I have bought nearly the whole collection, but with so many releases from Barry M this Autumn/Winter, I have had to be very selective and tighten my purse strings a little, much to the dismay of the polish addict in me.
So for the A/W Gelly releases, I chose Mustard, Cardamom and Chai. All the photos show swatches without top coat. 

Mustard is spot on true to its name and is a gorgeous mustard-yellow creme. 
When I saw swatches of this before I bought it, it looked a lot more yellow but in reality, it swings slightly over to the orangey side.
Photo shows 2 coats and although it was a teeny tiny bit streaky after the first coat, the second coat sorted this right out.
I decided to add a little hot dog on one nail because when I think of mustard I think of hot dogs.

Cardamom is a gorgeous mid green. It’s one of those greens that are tough to describe but if I had to, I would describe it as a forest green.
Again, the photo shows 2 coats, but with Cardamom, I would say you could probably get away with 1 coat, I only did 2 because there was a slight vnl.
The design on my ring finger is my attempt at a cardamom flower because the more I look at it, the less obvious it becomes.
Chai is a lovely standard grey creme and is actually slightly lighter in reality than shows in my photo. 
Photo shows 2 coats but like Cardamom, you could easily get away with 1 coat.
The nail art is a little cup of tea, as in chai tea. I’ll admit, that I have no idea what Chai Tea is or tastes like but I like normal tea so yeah, tea!

With the Barry M Gellys, because they are so pigmented and opaque, I always like to see how they stamp and minus my clear fail at stamping, they are perfect, look how bold those colours are, especially Mustard.
I’m definitely glad that these are colours I picked from the release, yellow and grey are 2 of my favourite colours in nail polishes and I think had I not picked any of these colours then I would probably be lusting after them, where as with the reds and browns I’m not really that fussed either way.
Are there any from the recent Barry M releases that you are lusting after? 

Author: Chrissie

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