Freckles Polish: Kicking Up Leaves and Pumpkin Pie

I recently showed you the first polish I bought from Freckles Polish, Caipiriniha, a gorgeous green holo. So when I heard that Julieann (Freckles Polish) was releasing 2 new collections, I vowed I would buy at least one from each collection, and that I did. I bought Kicking Up  Leaves from the Autumn Dreams Collection and Pumpkin Pie from the I’m Spooked Collection.

Kicking up Leaves is a gorgeous copper polish that leans slightly towards a rose gold colour in certain lights and has a strong linear hollow.

It has a fantastic formula, applying smoothly and evenly. Photos show 3 coats as it seemed a little sheer and no topcoat. Dry time was very quick and the polish dried smooth.
I also saw a tweet about someone who had stamped with a Freckles Polish Holo and it had worked really well, so I thought I might give it a go with this one. I wanted to stamp some nice Autumnal leaves on my ring finger but believe it or not, this is the only leaves stamp I have 🙁 but regardless of the stamp, the polish stamped amazingly well. Very impressed with it.

As is usual for the British weather, the moment I apply any holo the sun disappears, and that is exactly what happened the moment I applied Kicking Up Leaves, so trying to get a decent photo of the holo proved a mission in itself. So please excuse the terrible quality of these ‘holo’ photos as they were done with a phone with it’s flash on.

This was the best holo I could get, but believe me, the holo is very strong in this one. 

I love holo polishes and this one is no exception.
So the second polish I bought was Pumpkin pie from the I’m Spooked Collection and Oh my gosh I love it. 
Pumpkin Pie is a clear base glitter topped with yellow, white, orange, red, copped and black glitters in multi sizes of Hex, squares and rectangles. Photos show 1 coat of Pumpkin Pie over Barry M Black with no topcoat.

The formula on this one was a tiny bit tricky, I found that I could literally only swipe once over a certain area otherwise I would get a massive clump in one spot and the more I tried to fix it, the worse it got. I think it looks beat sparse anyway though, the more glitter on one nail, the less you would be able to see the shapes and sizes and colours of the glitter.
I added a little pumpkin to my ring finger and of course the nerd in me insisted that I had to add a Pi symbol, as in Pumpkin Pi, get it? 😐  

I love adding a matte top coat to glitter toppers, I find that is the only way you can ever make them better and Pumpkin Pie did not disappoint with this either, my pumpkin did a little bit but certainly not this polish.
You can buy Kicking Up Leaves in sizes 5ml for £3.50 and 10ml for £6.50 
Pumpkin Pie in sizes 5ml for £3.50 and 10ml for £6.50
Currently only shipping within the UK.
Also, if you like holo polishes and have liked the look of both Freckles Polish Holos then I highly recommend checking out the Happy Hour Holo collection, there are some gorgeous colours there.
What do you think of these polishes? Are there any other indie polish sellers that you would recommend?

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