Happy Halloween! Terrifyingly Cute Zombies

Happy Halloween! 
Aside form actually managing to do some Halloween nails this year, we have pretty much failed at Halloween 2014. We haven’t done any decorations, which makes me sad, and we stupidly left getting pumpkins until this morning, and everywhere in our town is sold out, I’m so gutted, so no pumpkin carving for us.

So these are my cute zombie type patchwork nails. I love green nail polish but it gets everywhere, is a pain in the ass to clean up without getting a yellowy green tinge on cuticles and stains my nails no matter how hard I try to prevent it, 
This green is a Barry M Superdrug Limited Edition from last year, the red is Ciate Red Hot Chilli, The pink for the brains is Barry M Gelly Dragon Fruit and I used Barry M Black Nail Art Pen for the stitch details.

I also tried it with a coat of OPI Matte topcoat and it looked pretty awesome too.
I had a few more mani’s planned out and I might still do them but the temptation is there to start planning out my Christmas mani’s straight away, some of the towns and cities around here have already started putting up their Christmas decorations. 
Back to Halloween though, what are you wearing on your nails and are you dressing up tonight?

Author: Chrissie

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