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I haven’t done a lust list in an absolute age, almost a year I think and I thought it was about time I showed you what is in my lustiness right now. Of course, if I told you everything I was lusting after in one post it would probably go on for days and days so it is just a few of the things that are right at the top of my list at this moment.
I’ll start with the nail related items that are on the list just because they are a little bit more relevant to what my blog has been lately.

Daily Charme: King’s Crown Charms
I came across Daily Charme on Instagram the other day and the moment I spotted these Kings Crown charms I wanted them. Loki on my fingers, yes please.
The price including shipping to the UK works out at around £8.75, which is why I haven’t bought them yet, the ‘nerd wants’ side of me and the ‘money wise’ side of me are currently in an epic battle to find out if these will be purchased or not.
You can find them here for $4.99 usd, and you can find out shipping details here.
Messy Mansion: Stamping Plate MM24
Another Instagram find. I saw this beautiful shabby chic mani from Break Rules, Not Nails, and it instantly made me need this stamping plate in my collection. 
I love me some writing on a stamping plate and this Messy Mansion plate has 3 different ones and a lush, large quill at the top. 
You can get it here for $7 usd. Shipping info here.
With stamping plates, you can normally find them for sale through other outlets, I haven’t yet managed to find Messy Mansion plates being sold elsewhere, so if you know of any I would love to know.
Dark Metal Lacquer: Beings of Light (glow in the dark top coat)
Omg, can’t breathe, so much awesome. I love glow in the dark stuff just as much as I love sparkly stuff, if not even more. This polish glows blue, I mean, look how freakin’ awesome it is, it looks like some kind of potion or something. The want on this polish is high.
You can find this polish on the Dark Metal Lacquer Etsy store for £6.50. Postage for this on its own is £3.00.
Sadly for an internationals that have now fallen for this, they only ship within the UK. Sorry! It looks like the store is closed at the moment, hopefully they will open back up soon.
Picture Polish: Unicorn (Collab with Brit Nails)
By now, most of, if not all of you should have seen the awesome Picture Polish Blogger collabs for this year. The above is the collab with Brit Nails and you can go here for some absolutely freakin’ gorgeous swatches of it.
This polish is, without a doubt, one of THE most beautiful glitters I have seen and it is way, way, way at the top of my Harlow&Co wishlist. Soon, it will be mine.
This is the Harlow&Co page for the polish which is currently sold out but hopefully comes back soon.
Pop over to One Nail to Rule them All for some more collab swatches!
Tohnik: Mr Wilson 2.0 Leggings
I love leggings, especially ones with awesome and nerdy designs on, from Black Milk Clothing to Mitmunk and now Tohnik.  I can’t afford any of them, but I dream of a day when I can justify spending so much on a single pair of leggings and a day when I can own every single pair of leggings any of these people ever released.
You can buy these here from Etsy for £22.30. Postage to the UK is currently showing as £10.21 but will likely differ depending on where you are in the world.
Gotham Newspaper Zip up Hoodie
I can’t give you much information on this item. I spotted this while browsing eBay for Batman stuff the other day and promptly added it to my watch list. When it came close to the end of the auction I was determined it would be mine and that I would bid relatively last minute and quite high so that I would win it. However, I ended up getting distracted and annoyed with something within the last half an hour of the auction and completely forgot about it, until it was too late. I didn’t even get a bid in. I was so gutted, so I spent quite a bit of time trying to find out some information about the hoodie.
The eBay listing did not have any info on the brand name of this or where it came from so I only had Google, but the only info I could find was another listing on Amazon that was no longer available.
If anyone knows where I can get this hoodie, I will absolutely love you forever and ever.
So yeah, this is my current lust list. I’m seeing some amazing things come out now in preparation for Christmas so expect more cool things to be popping up in the next few months.
What items are you lusting after at the moment?

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