Infinity Crates: May 2015

So the May Infinity Crate was our first ever Infinity Crate, this was the one that Ki chose to replace his Nerd Block and honestly, straight away I am convinced that this is a better choice than the Nerd Block by far.
First of all, all Infinity Crates, each month, guarantee a t-shirt and a POP! vinyl, those 2 items straight away are worth the money and everything else is bonus. I also like the fact that you have an interests list and that whilst trying to stick to a theme, they also try to pull from your interests. Of course, Ki’s interests aren’t quite as varied as ours, so it was only natural that some of ours made it onto the list.
I’m not sure what the May theme was but let’s have a look at what we got!
Batman Rubber Wristband
First item up is this Batman rubber wristband, off to a great start. These wristbands are pretty sturdy, so great for a boisterous boy and they pretty much fit anyone. 
Cause of the Death Poster
Nest up is this Cause of Death poster. This poster is about A4 size, I think and in a house full of gamers is a great item to add in pretty much any room.
Lord of the Rings pin badge
LOTR is a sore subject in this house, I have tried pretty hard for years to get man and boy to watch the films, but we got 10 mins into The Fellowship of the Ring once and they were both whining that they were bored. 🙁 They have refused to watch any of them ever since. So while I consider this badge to be pretty good, they just see it as a badge with 3 men on it.

Temporary Tattoos sheet
This is a sheet of temporary tattoos. 7 tattoos in the form of the Bat Symbol, The anti-possession tattoo from Supernatural, the Millennium Falcon, the Halo energy sword, Serenity, Gears of War Cog and The Walking Dead logo. These are cool, what child doesn’t love temp tattoos, in fact, I am tempted to plaster a few of these on me, maybe have the anti-possession symbol on the back of my neck!

The Walking Dead vinyl sticker
This sticker can be put anywhere and I’m slightly worried that it has been put somewhere it shouldn’t have been put, they’re pretty easy to remove though, right? Well, if it hasn’t already been stuck then I’m sure we can find it a home.

Zoe Washburne POP! Vinyl
This one really takes no explaining or details or anything, just know, if you don’t already know, that it is indeed awesome. In fact, I may have swapped an item from our Arcade Block (which I will show you soon) with Ki so that I can have this.
Batman Dark Knight T-Shirt
This t-shirt pretty much nailed it. If you want to get us on board with anything, send plenty of Batman stuffs our way. Ki loves it, the sizing is perfect and the t-shirt quality is pretty high.
So yeah, I’m pretty happy with what Infinity Crates has shown in our first crate, as both a parent spending money on a child and a nerd who can sometimes pinch items from it. Like I said, the POP! vinyl and the t-shirt, guaranteed every month made it the best option and make it worth it anyway. But what is the value of this crate like?
So Infinity Crates are a UK based company, all the pricing will be done using UK prices, where possible. A monthly subscription to IC is £16.99 with free UK postage.
Batman wristband- £3.59Amazon
Cause of Death poster- half of $14.99/£9.81Level up studios. Ok so I couldn’t find a UK price or the exact poster on this one. The poster I did find was about double the size so I would go for half of the price.
LOTR Badge- £3.35Zazzle– These badges all look pretty similar to this one.
Temp tattoos sheet- £3.99Amazon– I couldn’t find these exact ones but I looked around a lot and found a few of similar prices and I think this is a good price for them.
Walking Dead vinyl sticker- £3-£4Amazon/Etsy. not the exact one but very similar.
POP! Vinyl- £8.99Forbidden Planet
T-shirt- £8-£15Qwertee– with t-shirts, I tend to go by the fact that I get a really cool novelty t-shirt from Qwertee for £8, other places do some but a little higher in price.
So all together the value of the items come to around £35.82 which is slightly more than double what we paid. Good value in my eyes. Hopefully it keeps up the pace, can’t wait to see what happens to our Funko collection in the coming months.
What did you think of the Infinity Crate? If you like the look of it and you want in, you can subscribe here!

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