Infinity Crate: Time and Space

I’m going to jump straight into this post today because I am so behind with the nerdy boxes and the August boxes are going to be out soon. So without any further ado, here is the July Infinity Crate with the theme of Time and Space.

Space and Time Poster
This poster is A4 sized, good quality and vibrant colour and features some of our favourite space and time fandoms, can you name them all?
Fizz Wiz Cherry Flavour
Popping candy is fun, always. Based on item count I would hazard a guess that this was a little added extra treat and everyone loves candy, right?
Starfleet Keyring/Bottle Opener
I am going on memory for this one because I didn’t take any photos of the back and it has now lost in the cavern of forgotten toys and trinkets that is Ki’s bedroom, but I’m pretty sure that this was a keyring and a bottle opener. It was good quality and good colour vibrancy.

Millennium Falcon Sticker
This Millennium Falcon sticker is pretty cool and I failed at taking a picture to show it off. It kind of has this 3d, stand out from anything effect, except from white as proved here, but it looks awesome on pretty much any other surface,  
Yoda light up keyring
The bit where the keyring is attached on tiny Yoda’s head is also a button and when that button is pressed, his eyes light up. I’m pretty sure he also makes a noise but it is so unlike Yoda and also so very creepy that it is hardly worth a mention. 

Time Traveller Multi Fandom Tee
This t-shirt is a good one. It has multiple references all based around time travellers, I can name all of them but one, I am seriously struggling to think what the little mopedy looking one bottom left is. Can you name them all. This is a good quality t-shirt and the fit is perfect.

Yondu GOTG Funko POP!
This is Ki’s second GOTG POP! from his Infinity Crate and it’s another good one. Luckily I don’t have the overwhelming desire to pinch this one so he can put it on his shelf next to the Collector.
Overall, this was a pretty good crate this month, Ki knows most of the referenced Fandoms (although not all of the t-shirt references) but he was very happy with all of it and I’m happy with the crate each month because the tee and Funko are definitely worth the money we spend so everything else ends up being happy extras.
The August theme for Infinity Crate will be Unity, I’m not sure exactly what this is going to be but the picture for the theme shows some good things. They have also announced the September theme which is going to be Fantasy, I bet that one is going to be a good one.
Sign ups have closed for August but you can sign up for September here, a monthly subscription is £16.99 a month with free UK shipping and you are guaranteed a Funko and a t-shirt each month.

Author: Chrissie

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