Barry M Autumn/Winter Sunset Collection Swatches

Do you remember my entry into the Bon Prix #PartyPolished comp? Well, I won it! Yay me! It was a fantastic prize and I was so happy to win. I got £50 to spend on Bon Prix so I choose a lush, cosy, fluffy hoodie in black and an amazing pair of multi-chrome hi tops, I also got £47 worth of Barry M products which included the Autumn release of the Sunset Collection and the Autumn release of the Speedy Collection. 
It has taken me this long to post about it because I really wanted to do an outfit post to show off the hoodie and the hi tops, then do separate swatch posts, but I just couldn’t muster the confidence so it is swatch posts only I’m afraid and as you might have guessed, today is the Sunset polishes from the Autumn release. 
I never really bought into the whole daylight curing thing so I don’t own any of the Sunset range, and I found myself looking at the shades and wished that they had just released them as part of the Gelly range, but I was very surprised by these polishes and I may actually be in love with this first one!

Do You Pink I’m Sexy?
This pink though! I think this is quite possibly the prettiest baby pink polish I have ever tried. It did take 4 coats to get it this opaque but I think the end shade and shine is just so perfect that I can deal with it.

Dark Side of the Shroom
Another gorgeous shade, this mauve polish is a lovely purpley brown although my swatches showed it to be a little more purple than it actually is. I used 2 coats but this one could definitely get away with being a one coater.

Vengeance is Wine
We are seeing a lot of these almost black polishes this year and they are a great way of wearing a dark polish with a tiny hint of colour. This one is a deep, deep, deep, deep, deep, deep win red and was this opaque in 2 coats.

Plum on Baby
Another almost black polish, Plum on Baby looks more blue than purple but it is in fact a dark purple, very similar to the Gelly shades Plum and Blackcurrant. This again was 2 coats and had just a hint of colour.
The swatches and photos were done under artificial light and they still dried/cured very fast and to a beautifully shiny and smooth finish, so I still don’t buy into the whole daylight curing thing.
I was very happy to see that these polishes had the newer, wide and rounded brush which made is so much easier to apply and meant I didn’t flood my cuticles, which is fab because these polishes, especially Vengeance is Wine and Plum on Baby are very stainy looking.
I also received the Daylight Curing topcoat and although these photos are sans topcoat, I did give it a try afterwards and I would say it is there purely to prolong the life of the mani, it doesn’t seem to add anything else to it. It states on the bottle to only use with the Sunset Range and I’m not sure why but I might give it a try with other polishes to see how it goes.
The Sunset Range are £4.99 each.

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