Colors By Llarowe Holo Stamping Polishes

You have no idea how much it pained me to keep writing colours the American way, it just feels so unnatural and dirty, much like a betrayal, I joke of course but it is hard to write a word over and over when you know it should have an extra letter in it.

When I saw that holo stamping polishes now existed (did you know they existed? How long have they existed for?), I knew that I needed to own at least a couple of them, then I saw that Rainbow Connection stocked them and all of the squee came out. I bought these 4 beauties back in March and only just got around to using them. I had to try a few of them with different colour combos because some of the ones I tried initially, although gorgeous in real life, they refused point blank to show up on camera, which was annoying as hell but gave me a good chance to see how they look in different combos.
Sparkling Diamonds
First up is Sparkling Diamonds, a silver holo polish and it stamps perfectly! You can see that there are zero patches (bar the bits I missed when stamping, dodgy hands you know haha) The holo is quite subtle when stamped but in the right light you still get a beautiful rainbow across the nails.

The polish itself is very thick, my brush was glooped horribly with polish when I first opened it but it seems fine after a bit of a brush clean.
Golden Rule
Golden Rule is (yep, you guessed it) a gold holo stamping polish. I initially has this one stamped over a dark glittery purple, it was lush, but my camera sucks and so it only picked up the purple. So I did it over a light purple and it picked it up but is nowhere near as pretty.
Again, the holo in the gold is fairly subtle once on the nail but still looks gorgeous without it. It picked up gloriously and stamped even better.

The Heart Bleeds
The Heart Bleeds is a magenta/wine red/beauty and it ended up being my absolute favourite of all 4. 

It stamped absolutely beautifully and even in dull, normal light you get flashes of holo. It’s gorgeous, the most majestic stamping polish I have ever seen.
Turq’d is as the name suggests, a turquoise blue stamping polish. It is undeniably gorgeous and a very close 2nd to The Heart Bleeds in my favouritism. 

Like all the others, it stamped perfectly, no patches or problems and like The Heart Bleeds, even in normal lighting, the flashes of holo were there, peeking out. When in sunlight or artificial light, the holo sparkles away and looks fantastic. I was reminded of the glow in the dark circuit board pencil case from Loot Crate and so that was my inspiration here and I love it.

Because I stamped them over random colours, i did this to show how they stamp over black and white. In my opinion they look best over black and dark colours but they are pretty over most.

They also work pretty well as regular polishes and because they are so opaque that they are all one coaters, plus they dry quickly too. I love these all so much, I definitely want so more of these beauties and I recommend them to anyone that likes stamping, or holo! 
These ones seem to be out of stock on Rainbow Connection but they have 7 others here
Have you tried any of these stamping polishes?

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