Born Pretty Store Chameleon Polish 224

It’s times like this that I both love and hate chameleon polishes. They are beautiful and yet they refused to be captured shifting nicely in a photo. As I take the photos, I often hear, and don’t judge me for this, David Attenborough narrating said photo taking in my head: ‘And here we see the elusive blue/green chameleon doing it’s best to avoid capture, lounging in the sun it is a beautiful jewel green with hints of blue and goldy pink and as we attempt to capture it’s beauty…shit… it’s bloody gone!’
Yeah, that’s me in a nutshell there, taking photos of my nails while imagining weird shit, and I feel pretty good about that, it’s how I stay young, hahaha!

This polish is from Born Pretty Store and here is a bottle shot to give you an actual idea of what the colour shift does look like irl, the bottle was a little easier to capture.

As “David” mentioned, it’s a beautiful jewel/beetle green and it has a good sparkle in it. I applied once coat of this over Barry M Black and I definitely recommend using it over black as it is quite sheer on it’s own, like most colour shifters, and would take a few coats to build up to this opaqueness. I think this would make some awesome beetle or reptile or dragon nail art and now I’m kicking myself as to why I didn’t do one of those things with this.

It applies nicely, dries fast and is easy to clean up because it is sheer. Removal is a breeze as long as the black you use is easy to remove as well. Oh and it’s a 10ml bottle which means if you are using just one coat of it, it will last quite a while.
You can find this polish here for £4.91/$6.99 which is currently on sale so grab a bargain.
Oh and don’t forget that you can use my code CBAQ10 for 10% off any non sale items.
How well do you get on with chameleon polishes?

Author: Chrissie

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