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I keep thinking I have already put a post up but then I find it in my drafts and it’s like aaaaarrrrrrggggghhhh! Do you ever get that? 
Anyway, the beautiful Leanne of Polished By Leanne gifted me the Models Own One Night Stand polish, which I am so grateful for, although I think I have now missed the hype for it because of my lack of memory but I am so grateful to get the chance to try it.
If you haven’t heard of One Night Stand, it is the Models Own version of a mirrored polish and with a price point of £14.99 I had pretty high expectations. For that price you get a bottle of the silver polish and a bottle of a dual basecoat/topcoat. Like other chrome/mirrored polishes I have tried, you have to have the basecoat on to get the chrome effect, kind of like an activator. They recommend using a very light touch when adding the topcoat and applying a very thin coat, I tried multiple times and just couldn’t the hang of it, it was just very disappointing as you can see in the photo above. The above photo shows the basecoat, 2 thin coats of the chrome polish and one, thin (as thin as I could possibly get it) coat of the topcoat. 
This photo however, shows the polish without topcoat. As you can see from the 2 photos, it’s quite the difference. Without topcoat the polish looks glorious, it truly is mirrored and I am in love with it but unfortunately, the moment anything touches it or rubs against it the mirrored finish disappears and you’re left with grey, dull nails. 
I have seen other people with the topcoat on it and it’s still pretty shiny so I am probably doing something wrong here, Leanne, in fact managed to to do it so that it stayed shiny on just her second attempt! (Check Leanne’s post out here)

In January of last year, I swatched and reviewed a mirrored polish from Born Pretty Store (check them out, ahead of the times) and I was interested to see how the Born Pretty polish fared against the Models Own polish. In the photo above, I applied them both over their own respective basecoats and left them both without topcoat. The Born Pretty polish is on my index and ring finger while the Models Own is on my middle finger and pinkie. As you can see, they are both fairly similar but Models Own One Night Stand has the mirrored advantage.

They look vastly different in their bottles too. The Born Pretty Store polish price currently sits at £7.67 which is just over half the price of Models Own One Night Stand. Both polishes have a short mirror lifespan, with One Night Stand lasting only about 6 hours before it loses the mirrored effect and then a few more hours before it starts to crack and shrink. The BPS one can keep it’s effect for about a a day and then it does the same thing, so both would be good for a night out. 
I don’t know how I feel about One Night Stand in the end. I am really in love with it in it’s pre-topcoat state but then with topcoat it is really disappointing and the price point is way too high for my taste, especially since it does have a short lifespan. You can get the same sort of effect with the BPS polish for much cheaper and better yet, if you’re into gel polish, you can buy the powders for way, way cheaper and get the same, if not a better effect. 
What do you think? Did Models Own hit or miss with this polish? And what do you think about the price?

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