Born Pretty Halloween L005 Stamping Plate 

Not only am I ready for the heat to bugger off and bring the crunchy leaves and colder weather but I am also super happy that we are nearly at Halloween and it’s never too early for Halloween nails, especially when they are as cute as the 2 manis I have got to show you today using this Halloween stamping plate from Born Pretty Store. Another reason to get excited about Halloween is because I get to buy Kylo another costume, hopefully. She loves dressing up (which pleases me greatly) but I am not sure if I should dress her up as a Ghostbuster again or try and get one of the Star Wars costumes for her!

First up is this reverse stamped, adorable, pumpkins and ghosts! This is definitely one of my favourite images from this plate. I do love scary Halloween stuff but I also love when they are scary cute too!

I had to put in some glow in the dark ghosts because they need to be spooky cute too. I only did it on 2 nails, mainly because these ghosts are proper diddy and it was painstaking doing just this amount but also because I really like the idea that not all of them will glow.

And obviously with this gorgeous base polish I had to add a matte topcoat and this is my favourite state for this nail art.

Items used: OPI Nail Envy
Level Up Lacquer Dark Matter over a coat of Barry M Black Forest for the base colour
Barry M Mango and Cotton for the Pumpkins and Ghosts, with Barry M Matte topcoat
Moyou Black Knight for the stamping
Wikkid Polish Blue Glow for the glow
Seche Vite

The second look is a mix of revers stamping and regular stamping over the reverse stamped image for a kind of double stamp look. I’ll be honest here, I am not 100% happy with the look of this one, especially the middle nail, which is supposed to say ‘Boo’ but you can’t really see that!

But I do love the way it glows, the ghosts look awesome and spooky cute!

Items used: OPI Nail Envy
Serum No5 Indi-Glo for the base colour (this polish is glow in the dark)
Moyou Black Knight and Barry M Cotton for the stamping
Seche Vite

The plate is fab. It has 4 full nail images, 1 XL image and 21 smaller images. All of which are great for both reverse and regular stamping. The images are etched perfectly, with great pickup and no imperfections.

You can grab this plate here for £2.26/$2.99 and use code CBAQ10 to save 10% on all non sale items over at

Are you excited for Halloween? What is your favourite holiday?


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