Cheeky Summer Collection- Yes, more stamping plates.

You may have noticed by now, that I’m rather a fan of stamping. So keeping in line with my last post of the Bundle Monster 2012 collection, I wanted to show you a new addition to my stamping plate family, the Cheeky Summer Collection.  This is another picture heavy post.
I received an Amazon voucher for Christmas from my Brother in Law and of course, I went straight to the nail section. And that is where I found these beauties, here. At £12.99, for 26 stamping plates, this was a proper bargain. I’m slightly ashamed to say, that the main reason I bought this whole collection, was because of 2 plates, CH45 and CH47, but I fell in love with the whole collection as soon as it arrived.
They come in this cute little pink and white checked box. Which is excellent for storing plates rather than having them all over the place.

On the side of the box, it has a QR code to scan with your mobile phone which will take you here, to the Cheeky website for more products.

The back has product features, instructions on how to use and cleaning instructions, with a little customer comment down the bottom.

This is what you’re greeted with when you open the box, very pretty and very cute. 
On the inside flap, it has a ‘Once upon a time….’ section, which is a nice little ‘About the company….’ bit done the Cheeky way.

You also get this little card, which matches the box design and on one side it says ‘May be used as a scraper in case of emergency’. This is good, because I hate the proper metal scrapers, they’re just way too scratchy for my liking, so I use an old membership card which is on it’s way out. Very handy.

On the other side, it says it’s a ‘Nail art license’. This has probably never happened, but I did have a moment of wondering if anyone has ever thought that this meant they were actually a real Nail Artist. Probably not though, ha ha.
The first thing I noticed about these plates, is that they are quite a bit bigger than other plates, so I did some comparison shots.
Above, the plate on the left is an older Cheeky plate and the plate on the right is a Bundle Monster plate.
Old Cheeky plate on top of newer Cheeky plate.
Not only is the plate size bigger, but so is the design size. I haven’t measured them or anything but I have done some design side by sides to give you an idea.
So with the designs being slightly larger, it will make it easier to get complete coverage and better placement on the nails.

They have also changed the backing design, this design now matches the box and having a backing makes it so much safer when handling the plate.
Now onto the plates themselves.








How cute are they? I really like that the plates have a theme on each of them, and sometimes, 2 plates to each theme. For instance, CH47 and CH48 both have the Comic Book type theme.
Sadly, I haven’t done a mani for myself using these, but I have done a friends mani with them, and I did notice that the designs are etched a fair amount deeper than other plates so you will need quite a heavy polish to make sure the design picks up completely, and make sure to scrape properly otherwise you might get some smudging.
Do you have this plate collection? I would love to see any mani’s you have done using these, especially the comic book ones.
Hope you’re all having a good week so far.

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