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I’m going to have a little bit of a mum rant to start this post, when it comes to technology, kids these days don’t really get how lucky they are. I remember when my school first got a computer, yes a single computer. It was huge, in size and importance but the only thing we used it for was to play Snake (or as it was called then ‘Caterpillar’) and a maths game where you had to work out sums to get The  Grand Old Duke of York up the hill.
Now, the Internet and social media is everything to us and is available on tiny little pocket sized devices. I’m sure this has happened throughout history with all kinds of technology and advancements but how amazing is it to be alive to witness such an advancements?
I love technology and having all the information in the world available to me whenever I want and I love stamping, and this Born Pretty Store Stamping Plate is the perfect addition to the collection of anyone with similar interests.
The plate has 19 single images (no full nail images) all relating to websites/apps/processes on the Internet.

So I put together a simple mani using some of the most familiar images on the plates. My images are a little faint because my white stamping polish is empty and I used Models Own White Light Hypergel instead.
On my thumb I used the phone image over Barry M Gelly Key Lime to symbolise the phone icon on an Iphone.
On my index finger I used the Facebook logo over Barry M Gelly Blue Grape.
On my middle finger I used the RSS feed symbol over Barry M mango. My stamp went a little skewiff there, pretend you didn’t see that.
On my ring finger, I stamped the @ symbol over Barry M Gelly Blueberry, this was to symbolise Twitter.
And on my pinkie, I stamped the Google+ symbol over Nails Inc St James.
I then topped it all with OPI Matte Top Coat. This makes for some simple, cute and colourful, social media nail art.

Here it is with a coat of Seche Vite on top, but it kind of feels like the gloss takes away from the symbols.
The images are etched into the plate at the perfect depth and there are no discrepancies in any of the images, and the image sizes are just right so that you can have them as the single image on a nail, or have them as part of a bigger design.
Whenever I see any hexagonal stamping plates, I tend to end up buying at least one, not just because they are really cheap but because they tend to have unique designs on them and I haven’t had one yet that I’ve had any problems with.
You can buy this stamping plate from Born Pretty Store here for $1.49 (about £0.87) and for that price, it is more than worth it, especially with free worldwide postage. Plus, if you use my discount code CBAQ10, you can get another 10% off your entire order. I’m pretty sure that is cheaper than chips.
The Stamping plate in this post was sent to me for review. All opinions expressed are my own honest opinion. All other products mentioned in this post were purchased by myself.

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