Radioactive Unicorn Poof!, I’m Gone!

Oh, how I wish I had gotten to full on grips with my camera before I got to this polish. This is ‘Poof! I’m Gone!’ from Radioactive Unicorn and my gawd is it amazing but I failed to capture just how amazing it really is. I have been admiring Radioactive Unicorn on Instagram for a while now and I finally managed to get this one polish from them but every single polish they sell is beautiful and sparkly, vegan friendly and 5 free! Their mission statement is amazing too:

‘Radioactive Unicorn is not designed for the normal nail polish users, this shit right here if for the strange, the whimsical, the misunderstood, the black sheep, the tattooed babe, the retro doll, the goth, the witch, the freaks and the people who downright love being themselves. this is for you,… this is for US.

this is a movement, this is a statement, this is a feeling, this is for the love of being different.’

The polish is made up of mostly blue glitters with some purple glitters thrown in and gives an awesome effect, which again, I failed to capture but believe me, it’s there. Seriously, pop over to their Instagram account and check out some of their pourn videos.
I applied one coat normally and then sponged on the second coat, it dried quickly to a gritty texture. It is topcoat thirsty, it took 2 coats of Seche to get it lovely and smooth but the Seche really brings out the sparkles. 
Am I gushing about this polish? I feel like I’m gushing! It deserves gushing though, I hope to own more in the future. This one is sold out but they have loads of other lovelies available, all are just as sparkly and are £6.95 each. Go check them out now.

Author: Chrissie

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