Danglefoot Nail polish Shake Your Tail Feather

Another gorgeous day, another gorgeous Danglefoot Nail Polish. Today I have Shake Your Tail Feather to show you and with the sun out, I have photos of it in most of it’s sparkly glory. This polish was originally only available in a Paint the Rainbow box (I think, I’m pretty sure) and i was so gutted I had missed out on this because it looked beautiful in all the photos I saw of it. Luckily, Rainbow Connection UK now have it available as one of their charity polishes for £6.50 and proceeds go to RSPCA and Cancer Research!

The polish is a lush, sea blue with an incredible pink and turquoise holo and green flakies. You can’t see the flakies in the bright sun, they look black but trust me when I say they look amazing in real life.

Bottle shot purely because you can see the amazing holo and shimmer.

And I tried to do a shade shot so you could see it in a different light but our house is basically a light box at the moment, which I’m not going to complain about but I just wish it wasn’t so hot.
The polish is pretty much a Danglefoot standard, looks amazing, applies beautifully, perfect in two coats and dries fast, to a semi matte/gritty finish and I never want to take it off, wah!
You need this in your life, plus it benefits two fantastic causes. You can find this polish here but be sure to check out the other beauties available on Rainbow Connection UK.
Stay awesome!

Author: Chrissie

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