My name is Chrissie and I am a nerdy, nail art fanatical, spoonie! 
+10 Kapow is my little corner of the internet, in which I make myself feel better!
In 2011 I started to get sick, stuck at home and in bed most days, I needed to find something to fill my time. I had been filling my time with blogs and thought ‘hey, I could do that!’
Although I have always been pretty creative, I was never really one to spend a lot of time on my nails.They were always cut short and if I did put any nail polish on I would just plaster one colour and that was it, no base coat, no topcoat, no nail art.
I started out by buying the basics and a few more bottles of polish, now I have a good few hundred bottles of polish, loads and loads of stamping plates and a bunch of other nail stuff, I’m still sick but at least my nails look awesome.
I try to post at least 3 times a week, spoons permitting. (Check out the Spoon Theory here)
The blog is here to be about things I love which are mostly nails and nerdy stuff, yes, ok, so it’s mostly nails including an ample supply of nerdy nails, but you will see different things every now and then, like our nerdy subscription boxes.
I am on a limited budget for my blog stuff, so I won’t always have the new collections or the best supplies or stuff but I’ll do my best.
There may be a possibility that at some point I will start posting about real life stuff and Multiple Sclerosis, that one is confidence permitting but hopefully you stick around for all my blabberings, nails, nerdisms or just plain stuffs.
All images and content featured on this blog are created and edited by me, unless otherwise stated.  Please do not use, reproduce or alter anything on this blog without my permission.