Deadpool Nails 2.0

Marvel Deadpool nerdy nails
So back in 2014 I did my first Deadpool nails that were inspired by some socks from Loot Crate but why do just one Deadpool mani?! These Deadpool 2.0 nails have happened because I had bought Creative Shop stamping plate 46 aaaaaaaaaagggeeessss ago and had only so far used it to do a really terrible Walking Dead mani on my friend and my Darth Vader mani for this years May the 4th, that Deadpool image was just staring back at me, beckoning me, because look how freakin’ awesome it is! 
So I used Moyou Black Knight for the stamping, Barry M Turbo Charged for all the red bits, Barry M Cotton for the white and I used the Uberchic Unicorn Love plate for the cute little unicorn. For the black bits on my index and pinkie (they’re supposed to be reppin’ parts of his suit) I used the Barry M Black nail art pen. I topped it all with one coat of Seche.
The stamping plate picks up awesome and the image is just perfect, I’m so annoyed that my nails are short and I couldn’t fit more of him on there. I can’t wait for the sequel, Ryan Reynolds absolutely nailed it. Which movies are you looking forward? And which ones are you paying homage to on your nails?

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