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I haven’t posted a Loot Crate on here in a few months, mainly because I have been really disappointed and disheartened with them as a collective and I don’t really like being negative on the blog, if I am not happy with something then I tend not to post about it. We already cancelled Loot Gaming because it wasn’t quite meeting our expectations and I am so, so close to cancelling Loot Pets because that is the one I have been disappointed in the most but I’ll explain more in the Loot Pets post coming up in a few days. Each month I am having to contact them regarding something missing from the Loot Crate core, most of the time it is the Secret Order of the Keys items and most of the time I have to contact them multiple times to actually get the items, one of which I am still waiting on. This month the missing item was the pin. The other thing we have the problem with is that they are all arriving with us super late, late to the point where we think it has gone missing in transit and by the time they do turn up we have seen spoilers so it kind of defeats the purpose of a mystery box. 

They are still one of my favourite companies out there, their crates have always been (for the most part) really well curated in my opinion. So for now I am going to keep my current subs with them, Core, Loot for Her and Loot Pets and hope that they improve or go back to the way they used to be but I foresee myself cancelling one or two or all of them at the end of the year if they don’t. 
But anyway, that’s the negative out of the way, let’s get on to what was in the June crate.

This was the Secret Order of the Keys patch that we got for completing the GUARDIANS quest from last month’s crate. It seems to be that it’s always a patch now, which is a strange choice but they look kind of cool and it’s a nice added extra.

EXCLUSIVE DC Comics Mini-Poster Book:Loot Crate Edition 
(Licensed by DC Comics. Made by Insight Editions)
‘The DC universe is full of heroes with secret identities and hidden origins. From aliens to vigilantes to time travellers, there’s a lot of alter egos to explore. We salute the iconic superheroes of DC with this mini-poster book, complete with exclusive cover, hand-selected content for Looters and posters that weren’t included in the original collection’
This is a cool little book and has me searching everywhere for nice but cheap little frames to put all the little posters in, with no such luck mind but I will find them. Here are some of my favourites from the collection.

(Licensed by Marvel. Made by Vandor)
‘When an experiment goes wrong, scientist Bruce Banner is bombarded with gamma radiation that dramatically changes him forever. In times of stress and anger, he transforms into the super strong, nigh-invulnerable behemoth know as The Incredible Hulk. We all get a little touchy when we’re hungry. Keep your inner Hulk at bay with this Bruce Banner sized bowl designed by Vandor that’s perfect for cereal, popcorn or other snackies.’
Ok, so I thought in all honesty that this bowl kind of let this month down. I’m not being overly picky but it’s just a normal sized plastic bowl with a print of the Hulk’s fingers on. I’m not a fan of it but that’s just me.

EXCLUSIVE Spider-Man Webslinger Q-Fig Variant
(Licensed by Marvel. Made by QMx)
‘Peter Parker was just a regular (albeit very smart) high school student when he gained his powers. As great power comes with great responsibility, he soon became Spider-Man and set about protecting New York (and occasionally the world and universe). We know you’re all excited for Spider-Man: Homecoming, so we’ve secured this special Q-Fig to arrive at your door in time for the film’s release! As a nod to his connection to The Daily Bugle, this black and white Spidey figure comes in a specially designed package to mimic one of the many front pages of J. Jonah Jameson’s newspaper dedicated to the web-slinger.’
This is definitely one of the best Q-Fig’s we now own. I love the all the Q-Figs we have and I’ve never been disappointed in them, this one is really cool. The web that Spidey is hanging from is flexible so he kind of swings from side to side a little bit if you move the figure. I love it.

Transformers G1 Optimus Prime T-Shirt
(Licensed by Hasbro. Made by Loot Crate)
‘When the Decepticons waged war for control of Cybertron, Orion Pax accepted the Matrix of Leadership to become Optimus Prime, commander of the Autobots, to oppose them. When Cybertron fell and the survivors came to Earth, they scanned vehicles to blend in while they searched for materials to restore their home planet. Transform and roll out in this G1 tee! Designed by Marcelo Matere, it shows Optimus Prime’s transition from truck to robot mode., displaying both the robot and his disguise.’
I really love the colour and design of this tee but there is a downside of it. It seems like it is a unisex t-shirt and the shoulders of it make me look really boxy. If I had the skills to ‘remodel’ a t-shirt then I might be ok with it, I’d love it as a tank, but now I am just stuck with the boxy shoulder look because I really do love the design.
Sadly, as I mention at the beginning of the post, the pin badge was missing from my crate and it’s a really cool Jekyll and Hyde one with purples and greens. It looks fab in the picture and I have been assured that it is on it’s way so fingers crossed that arrives soon and I don’t have to contact them again about missing items.
Sorry for all the negativity on this post, are you an international Loot Crate subscriber? How have you been getting on with them? 
If you’re not a subscriber to them and I haven’t deterred you with my bitching, then you can sign up here http://looted.by/e5hJU to get $5 off your first month of any new subscription.

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