Geek Fuel June 2017

Geek Fuel have really been standing out from the crowd lately for me. They have found a really awesome way of doing their pin badges and they are getting some really fantastic items each month and I find myself looking forward to seeing what’s in here the most each month. 
Technically this is now Jim’s sub because Kian has chosen to have credit for his phone over the sub and Jim wasn’t really impressed with Loot Gaming anymore but Geek Fuel caught his eye these last few months. However, if there is something I like then I tend to get it. Plus, the t-shirts are in my size because he doesn’t want anymore, although if you were to hear him whinge every month that he loves the design you’d think otherwise.
Anyway, the June box was pretty impressive, let’s have a look why.

Deponia STEAM Game
‘It’s hard out there for an elf. Especially an elf who wants to escape the garbage-strewn life of Deponia. Help save Rufus, would ya?’
This seems like a really fun and quirky game and it has ‘very positive’ reviews on STEAM so it’s gotta be good, hasn’t it?!

The Amazing Spider-Man Poster By Dave Perillo
‘Pop art meets pop culture in these incredible posters from Dave Parillo. Celebrate Spider-Man with the original, a color variant or a signed print.’
I’m fairly certain that we have the original and not the variant or signed. I say fairly because my eyes have deceived me lately so you never know. But this is an awesome poster, I really, really like it. It’s pretty big, about 9×27 I would guess, only because we have another print in that size. The colours on it are fantastic and really bold. It came in a little box with the same images on it and with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Funko Mopeez: Guardians of the Galaxy Plush
‘With a surly raccoon or a monosyllabic baby tree by your side, what can’t you accomplish? Well, without the power of Star Lord, just a whole lot of cuddles.’
You could either get a Rocket plush or a Baby Groot plush. As you can we got Baby Groot and although I would have been happy with either, I would definitely say that this one is the best. Plus I got to make both my friend and dog jealous at the same time, so all win really.

Grays Sports Almanac Prop Replic Journal
‘It may not be full of sports stats that can help you cheat at future betting houses, but this journal can keep safe pretty much anything else you want to write down.’
Can we first of all appreciate this holo bag?! Look how pretty that is. Holo everything!!!

The cover of this is perfect and it looks exactly like it does in the movie, it’ll look great next to my BTTF mini Hover Board replica.

Oh and the pages have little flux capacitors in the bottom corner, so cute.

Space Invaders T-shirt
‘Nothing invades your space quite like an oversized ape going ten kinds of crazy in your flight pattern Blast the beast down and sport your love for all things arcade and vintage with this exclusive t-shirt.’
Any slightly ‘older’ gamer would likely have experienced Space Invaders in all it’s OG glory in the arcades. This t-shirt is fab, with a fantastic vintage like print with great quality and perfect fit.

Epic Enamels Super Kart Edition Pin
‘One more lap around the Rainbow Road and these pins are going to be too pooped to push the gas pedal. Go single-player or trade for a dream team.’
There were seven possible pins, Mario, Luigi, Peach Yoshi, Toad and the rare Bowser. We received Luigi and I honestly would have loved to get Peach but the packaging of this has been done so well I am not even complaining.
So that’s the June Geek Fuel, what did you think of it? You still have a few days left to sign up to the July box, pop over here to sign up!

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