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As I said in my Alter Ego Loot Crate post, Loot Pets is the one that I have been disappointed in the most over the last few months. At the end of 2016 they seemed to be improving and I was really happy with some of the crates but this year the amount of items in the Loot Pets crates has fallen and the quality of some of the items is pretty low. I currently feel like I am wasting my money each month on this crate and the only reasons that I am still paying for it is the excitement I see on Kylo’s face each month when the box arrives and when playing with the new toys, and I still have a little bit of hope that they will get good again.
I feel like Loot Crate are spreading themselves too thin with all the other crate types and all the limited edition stuff and because of this, some of the crates are suffering. 
This crate is definitely one that I am hugely disappointed in, so let me show you why.

EXCLUSIVE Secret Identitreats Dog Treats (Loving Pets)
‘Just below these treats’ mild-mannered, apple-flavoured surface lies a mighty, meaty center that’ll get get your pup’s tail wagging whether they’re incognito or out saving the city!’
I can’t really complain about the treats. For the most part Kylo has always enjoyed the treats and they are always pretty high quality treats with a lot of variation in the flavours and textures. These ones are like Dentastix but with a fruity centre and Kylo loves them.

Superman/Wonder Woman Tennis Balls (Crowded Coop)
‘When the world is in danger, Clark Kent and Diana Prince spring into action as Superman and Wonder Woman!… And your pup won’t be far behind. After all, who doesn’t like a fun game of fetch?’

I’ll be completely honest with you, my first impression of the tennis balls were that they were something I could probably get at a Poundland or discount store, they just looked really cheap.
But although we lost the Wonder Woman in the bush a few days ago, the Superman is still holding up well.
And we’re not sure if it’s just because Kylo is trying not to break it or if it’s actually really sturdy.

The pictures came off almost instantly after the photos were taken but the covering is still on the ball and it’s not broken in any way, so maybe I judged them wrong. But I probably could still get these at any discount store.

EXCLUSIVE Batman Cape (Rubies Costumes)

‘BAM! POW! BARK! Thanks to this stylish cape featuring Batman’s iconic symbol, you can transform your pup from a billionaire party animal into the Dog Knight Detective whenever crime is afoot.’

This is a fun and cute little cape and Kylo loves dressing up regardless of what it is. There are a few things on it that I would pick at, the Velcro fasteners are not put on very well so I suspect that they will come off if Kylo runs about in it too much, plus there is a lot of sticky glue sticking out. The print is not great quality and the whole thing feels cheap. It’s exactly like a Batman top I bought from Primark for £3.
So that’s it! Yep, just two items and a treat. Remember when we used to get treats, a t-shirt, a functional item, a toy and a collar charm. And yeah, that reminds me, they aren’t even doing the collar charm that matches the pin badge in the core crate. Apparently it came low on customer surveys so they took it out and if enough people mention it in the surveys then they will put it back in. I wonder if getting their moneys worth also came low on the customer surveys. 
We are paying basically the same price for Loot Pets as we are Loot Crate and we got five items including the pin badge (when it turns up), six if you include the Secret order of the Keys patch. It’s pretty unacceptable and Jim is at the point where he is telling me that if this month’s is shit then we are definitely cancelling it. I just want them to go back to what they were doing and go back to their perfect curation. Like I said, Loot Crate are still one of my favourite companies and I want to keep supporting them but it’s really hard to at the moment. Am I being whiney? Let me know in the comments and let me know what you thought of this month’s Loot Pets.
If you still want to sign up to Loot Pets or any other crate, even after my bitching, pop over here to get $5 off your first month!
Stay awesome!

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