Loot for Her: Alter Ego

June’s Loot for Her arrived super late, as seems to be the norm these days, and of course it was spoilered for me before it arrived. Honestly though, when I saw the photos of it I thought it was just a normal cinch bag and it looked fun but meh just a cinch bag, but I am actually pretty impressed with it.

You see, it’s a bag made from a terrycloth material and it folds out into a beach towel, it’s one item! It’s not a bag with a towel in it! It’s a bag that IS a towel! I also thought that it would be difficult to fold it back inside neatly but it wasn’t, even I managed to do it perfectly. I think this is a really fun and functional item. There is space inside the bag to put other stuff so you can carry your essentials in it and it sits nicely under a normal backpack so you can carry both if you want.

The added bonus is this keyring that comes with it. It’s absolutely adorable! A little Spidey dangling upside down from his web.
I know I have been bitching about the Loot Crates quite a bit but apart from the super lateness (it was really, really late) I didn’t think this was a bad month for Loot for Her, I’m hoping that they don’t do another scarf next month, in fact I am hoping that next month are the leggings their Twitter account said was coming! But all in all this was definitely a winner for the June subs.
If you fancy signing up to Loot for Her or any other Loot Crate subscription, then you can pop over here and select your desired crate!
Stay awesome!

Author: Chrissie

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