Back with Bundle Monster CYO 2013 Collection.

I’m back from my long, unexpected blog hiatus and with renewed motivation for my little blog, I decided to come back with what was some good news for me.

That’s right, when Bundle Monster ran their awesome ‘Create Your Own’ competition for their new stamping plate set, I submitted a few cheeky images. I was shocked when I got the email to say I was a finalist and even more surprised when I got the email to say I was a winner and that at least one of my images had been selected. In fact, I was ecstatic, I love stamping and the Bundle Monster plates are always such high quality images with a massive range.
Check here to see the list of all the other winners.
Of course, the best part of having a design chosen to go on the plates was that I would receive a set as a prize, woohoo. 
The plates have been out for a couple of weeks now and I recieved my prize very quickly considering they came from Hawaii to the UK and I’m so chuffed with them. How many of my designs were chosen? 3, yes 3!!!
I haven’t had a chance to use them yet, throughout my hiatus, my nails have been naked for about 97% of the time. A small part of my brain was constantly telling me that I needed to do something on my nails and get back to blogging but the rest of me was just like ‘meh, I’ll do it tomorrow’ that went on for a while.
So, I’m going to show you the plates now, I’ll highlight which designs are mine using this marker:
You can enlarge the pictures by clicking on them if you want to have a closer look at the designs.

This year they come in a sturdy resealable bag so that you have somewhere to keep the plates
The plates are the same size as all bundle monster plates and the images are the same size as the Bundle Monster 2012 collection.

BM-401, BM-402, BM-403
So on BM-401 we have my first image ‘I Heart Geeks’ and on BM-402 is my little Moustache Monocle guy.

BM-404, BM-405, BM-406
I really like the ‘Love Eternity’ symbol and ‘Thought Bubble’ on BM-404.
The ‘Drippy’ design on BM-405 is a good one because I am rubbish at drippy designs but they can be so cute when they are done right. And the ‘Live,Laugh,Love’ is my favourite design from the whole set.

BM-407, BM-408, BM-409
Love how the little Bundle Monster guy is on BM-409, so cute.

BM-410, BM-411, BM-412
On BM-411 I love the ‘Patch’ design, The ‘Hugs and kisses’ design and the little heart monitor thingy.

BM-413, BM-414, BM-415
My final design on BM-415 is the ‘Chipboard’, I’m really glad this design got in. I painstakingly created a chipboard design that I really liked, but once I submitted it, I realised that there was way too much detail to look good on a nail, so I thought that was it for that design. Luckily, Bundle Monster liked it too and took just a section from it. so Yay.
Also, how freakin’ cute is that little NES controller on BM-415?

BM-416, BM-417, BM-418
Tetris on BM-416= awesome. Splatter print on there too, great for us who can’t quite get it right using the straw method.
The little designs on BM-418 are fab. Big fan of the Claddagh design. 

BM-419, BM-420, BM-421

BM-422, BM-423, BM-424

BM-425, BM-426
The LOVE/HATE tattoo design is such a fun idea, definitely one I will have that on my nails at some point.
I think the whole idea of this set is awesome, a ‘for fans,by fans’ type of thing and I’m absolutely flabbergasted by some of the full size designs, but props to all the design makers, especially to those who had quite a few of their designs chosen.
I’ve already seen some gorgeous mani’s using these plates, and of course, my favourite is one that used one of my designs, Bregje over at Oooh, Shinies! did a lush Circuit board design, which you can see at the bottom of her Bundle Monster CYO post here. She also has a great size comparison guide for stamping plates in the same post. Go check out the post and then have a little browse through her blog, so much talent.
If you would like to buy Bundle Monster CYO Plate collection, or any other of their plate collections, go here. The collections range in price from $11.99-$21.99 (£7.50-£13.75) and they have also started selling individual plates from their collections which are $1.99 (£1.24) each. Postage is cheap and the service is fantastic.
Giveaway: Because 3 of my designs were chosen, I was sent 3 packs of the CYO collection. I only need one, so I am going to be giving away my 2 extra packs. I’m going to put the giveaway up on a separate post just because of how long this post is but it will be up in the next 24 hours so keep an eye out.
Its good to be back.

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