Born Pretty Store Gold Snowflakes Christmas Mani

How adorable are these little snowflake nail art decorations from Born Pretty Store? These are the same material as glequins/nail glitter, I think, but they have some lovely intricate details and because of that they are quite fragile and bendy. The upsides to that is that if they bend over, you can see that the top left one has, you can straighten them back out and it will still be in tact and also, it means that if you have quite curved nails, you can ‘mould’ them to fit your nails.
One side is a gold colour and the other side is bronze. I went with the gold side to do a pretty red and gold Christmassy mani.
Feel sorry for my nubbins 🙁 I had a really bad break on my pointer finger and a not so severe break on my middle finger, so they all had to be taken down really short. The pointer finger is still recovering but we are getting there.
I found them really easy to work with although it did take about 3 coats of Seche Vite for the snowflakes to be smooth without any snaggy bits sticking up (namely the ends/corners of the snowflakes). The fact that they are thin and dainty meant that I could easily cut them to have half a snowflake here and half a snowflake there. 

I tried 2 different techniques of applying these, the first was placing the snowflake onto the nail dry and bending it to form the curve of the nail, then removing it, adding topcoat to the nail and placing the snowflake back on. The problems I found with this technique was that during the end application that the would flatten out slightly meaning that some of the end bits were raised off the nail which meant I had to try pushing them down gently while the topcoat was drying. As you can see on the thumb, this led to some ruffles in the polish around the snowflake.
The second technique I tried was leaving the snowflake flat, applying the topcoat and placing the flat snowflake on top. Once the topcoat was completely dry, I then pushed the ends of the snowflake down to get it to fit the nail and finished with a few coats of Seche Vite. This was the best technique .
For the rest of the mani I used Models Own Luminous Red Metallic and Barry M Gold Glitter. 
For the snowflake on my pinkie I added some of the Models Own Luminous Red Metallic to one of the snowflakes and allowed it to dry before cutting in half and adding to the nail. 
For the V-Shapes on the other 2 nails I used She Sells Seashells single chevron vinyl stencils.
You can buy these Snowflake embellishments here for £1.13 ($1.78). Don’t forget to use my code CBAQ10 at checkout for 10% off your basket amount. 
You can grab some super bargains at the moment because Born Pretty have a massive Xmas sale going on until the 17th December where you can get up to 80% of selected items. You can go to the nail sale section by clicking here!
What Christmassy nail art have you been wearing or are planning to do?
 Are you all ready for the holidays to start?
*The snowflake embellishments in this post were sent to me for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own honest opinion.

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