Geek Fuel July 2016

Before we get in to looking at the items, I just want to say that I was pretty impressed with this months items, it was a good crate and everyone (by which I mean me, Jim and Ki) were pretty happy with it. Now that that’s out of the way, lets have a look.
EXCLUSIVE Badland Biohazard Air Filter 
‘Saving the forest is a dirty job, freshen things up a bit with your own Badland air freshener and game code. Take a deep breath and get ready to save your home from destruction and odor.’
Badland “Game of the Year Edition” Downloadable STEAM game
‘Badland is an addictive, award winning, atmospheric, side-scroller, set in a beautiful forest environment full of tress, flowers and danger. Take control of a dweller who suddenly finds the forest is full of deadly traps, gears, pistons and pain.’
I still think it’s a great idea that you get a STEAM game every crate and will not only help build up a STEAM library for Ki but will also encourage to play games he wouldn’t normally play. Obviously any that are inappropriate will not be added for him. As for the air freshener, we don’t have a  car but it can be hung anywhere in Kian’s room because, being a 10 year old boy, we could use all the help we can get.

Plants VS. Zombies: Garden Warfare 2 Wall Decals (1 of 6)
‘These PvZ wall graphics are self-adhesive, premium, repositionable woven fabric material that sticks to almost any surface. From walls and windows, to ceilings and around corners, give new meaning to the phrase “Home and Garden”.’
This is a pretty cool decal and the packaging is cool, if not a little excessive. Ki loves this game and sticking things to walls so this is a good one for him.

EXCLUSIVE Boo-Busters Button

‘I ain’t afraid of no ghosts! Let everyone this election season know exactly where you stand on paranormal activity.’
Booooooooooo! I love you Boo! This is quite a large, good quality, pin button and a nice little addition to Kian’s growing badge collection.

Alien Playing Cards
‘Finally, you can say “Go Fish… the blackest depths of space”. Bust out these cards for your next poker night and enjoy the only deck considered a Class 12 threat by the Weyland Corporation.’
These have not been opened yet, or at least I don’t think they have. The box art looks awesome and Jim tried to barter with Ki for these but Ki would not give them up. I bet the cards look badass.

EXCLUSIVE Time Travel Police Box Shower Curtain

‘Are you tired of shower curtains that only function in 3 dimensions? Well fear not! This exclusive water containment unit makes your shower bigger on the inside!* (*Theoretically)’
Ok, in theory, this is an awesome item! Had I not currently been in the process of making our bathroom a simple Super Mario theme, then this would be up on the shower rail and getting used already. At the moment though, it’s currently still in it’s packaging awaiting whatever awesome use we come up with. It seems like a high quality curtain with a high quality image though.

This is just a box that the next item came in, but it’s an awesome box! It’s high quality card with a glossy image print on it and has flap openings on both ends with the trap opening on the top and is the perfect size for a tissue dispenser which is exactly what I am going to use it for. 

EXCLUSIVE Slimer T-shirt

‘Shroud your corporeal form with this amazing shirt! It’s ghost season! Don’t forget to check the traps in the attic and while you’re at it, check out this month’s shirt. Perfect for those who still occupy this plane of existence, so shuffle off your mortal garb and replace it with this!’
I love this shirt and I wish it was mine. Of course, Ki loves it too because he loves Ghostbusters. The tee is a perfect fit for him and it a thick, good quality tee with a high quality print.
Can you see why we were impressed with it? What did you think of it? If you fancy signing up for Geek Fuel in time for the August box, pop over here and you can get $3 off your first month.

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