W7 Mosaic

Yes, I erm, went back to the shop a day later, and bought another W7 polish. oops
So, I though I would do a swatch of this to show you why I am so interested in owning these polishes.

Mosaic is a gorgeous turquoise blue with small gold and purple glitters throughout. 

It is very similar to Lava Flow in respect of the smell being very strong and the jelly base. 
The above photo is of sunlight bouncing off the glitters.

In these photos you can see the glitter pieces very well and also the lush colour of the base.

 I really like this polish. It’s very pretty and finishes well. However, this polish didn’t dry very quickly, it was still tacky after half an hour. and it took 2 coats for it to be opaque.

I have seen some other pretty W7 colours, are there any that you would suggest. I already know what my next nail polish buy will be, so keep any eye out for the post about it, as it’s likely to come by the end of this week. I just cant help myself.

Have a good day.


Author: Chrissie

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