NOTD: Halo 4 Nails

Polishes used: W7 Black, Rimmel 60 seconds Camoflauge, Rimmel I <3 lasting Finish  Green Grass, Barry M Gold Foil and Silver Foil, Barry M Denim and Barry M Blueberry Ice Cream.

 Aaaaah Halo 4 has been released. This would have been a good day, had I not awoken to my Xbox missing from our bedroom, and Hubby engrossed in Halo 4 on MY Xbox in the front room. You see, Hubby is somewhat of a Sony fanboy, that is until an Xbox exclusive comes out that he really wants to play, and so, he steals my Xbox. And, against my wishes, I became a Halo widow. Sob.

How to fill my time? Halo nails. I spent all day doodling what I wanted to do on each nail and was pretty confident it would go well. Well, better than my Borderlands nails anyway.

And BOOM, epic-ness.

Now, I will be the first to admit that these are not perfect, they are flawed, but I love them and lets face it, sometimes, perfect can be boring.

My favourites are definitely my thumb and ring finger.

Spartan thumb- I used W7 Black as a base, Barry M Gold foil for the visor and Rimmel 60 seconds Camoflauge as the Helmet armour details.

This was quite easy because it was the first thing I knew for a fact I wanted to do and how I wanted to do it.

Halo Index finger- W7 black as a base and Barry M silver foil for the word. OMGosh I had no idea how difficult it could be to write neatly on a nail. I quite like how the O turned out.

4 ring finger- The 4 symbol, W7 black for the base, Barry M silver foil for the symbol and Barry M blueberry ice cream or the detailing/highlighting. Again, I’m really please with this one, it was quite difficult to get right but came out OK.

And lastly, the pinkie- because this was an Xbox exclusive, I had to get the symbol on there somewhere. TBH, this turned out pants, but only if you look closely and it was quite small on my pinkie so no one could really tell. This was Barry M Silver Foil base and Rimmel 60 Seconds Green Grass for the X.

You may have noticed that I don’t have a single photo for my middle finger. This is because the design on the middle finger was a filler. I honestly had no idea what to do on there. Initially I tried to recreate the light shine on the game box cover, and that turned out shocking, looking nothing like it. So I did the simple gradient you can see in the whole hand photo. Blue and silver, that reminds me of Halo and it seemed to fit in pretty well.

I hope you like these, and, if you’re a fan of the franchise, head on over to Gert Lush Gaming to see what they have to say about it and maybe let them know what you think of it or if you’re still on the edge about buying it.

And don’t forget- Spartans don’t die, they just go Missing in Action.


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