My First Ever OPI’s and Glamour Mag Offer

I’m not a magazine junkie, but every now and then, I’ll see one on the shelf and just grab it, I pay for it of course, I don’t just run out of the store with it. Among a few others, Glamour is one of my go to mags. I bought the April edition a few weeks ago and this leaflet fell out:

Free OPI’s, yes please. OPI’s are one of the brands, where pretty much every polish they bring out go on my lust list, but unfortunately, they are just too highly priced for me to justify buying them. So this deal was an absolute bargain, 6 issues of Glamour Mag for £6 which is a saving of £6 and 2 free OPI’s which depending on where you get them, are around about £10/£11 each.
For some reason, neither the code on the leaflet or in the magazine worked for me, so I went on a little investigation around the Internet. This paid off, and I found an active deal for £6 for 6 magazines and the 2 free OPI nail polishes. However, this deal also seems to have disappeared now, so I went a did a little more investigation, just in case any of you wanted to take advantage of this.
This deal is a little different but the only active one I could find. If you go here (Glamour Mag Website), it will take you to an offer for 3 issues for £1, which is much better than my deal, and you get the OPI nail polishes as well. You can cancel at anytime and will receive the magazines you have already paid for, so I would advise to wait until your £1 has been taken and your free gifts turn up (took about 2 weeks for mine to arrive) then cancel if you want to. Don’t forget it can take up to 28 days for you’re first magazine to be delivered.
The nail polishes that you receive are OPI I Eat Mainely Lobster and San-Tan-Tonio.
I Eat Mainely Lobster is a gorgeous pinky coral with a very subtle shimmer.
Every shot I took of it came out more orange than the true colour but I think this will be a great (possibly toe) colour for the summer. One thing I would warn of, is that I had this on for 2 days, I used a base coat and it stained my nails quite badly so might be worth using a thicker base coat or 2 coats of base.
The shimmer doesn’t really show once on the nails, but I’m sure this would change in direct sunlight.
So here is a shot of the shimmer in the bottle.

San-Tan-Tonio is a creamy, caramel chocolate type colour and makes me think about caramel hot chocolate or brownies, nom.
This is one of those nail polishes that looks a different shade of brown in every type of light. Sometimes it can look a really dark brown and sometimes it looks like this.
I can see why OPI is so popular with the nail community, the application was really easy, even with a slightly thicker brush than what I am used to. The polishes are really pigmented and so you can get away with one coat if you are in a rush (I recommend 2 thin coats for even coverage) and the dry time is pretty quick. And of course, the finish is great, very shiny and smooth.
Definitely take advantage of this offer if you are in the UK (Below the address you can click if you live internationally but I don’t know if you get the free OPI’s) and don’t already own these 2 polishes, it’s a massive saving not to mention a proper bargain. Apparently, offers like this come up quite often so I will keep any eye out for others in the future.

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