Iron Man-i

Polishes used: Barry m Gold Foil, Rimmel 60 seconds Red Carpet and Barry M Black and Silver Nail Art Pens. Topped with one coat of Seche Vite.

Today, my little boy Ki turned 7. Doesn’t time fly? Especially when you have kids. It seems like only yesterday he was this wrinkled little bundle that slept all day, only waking for feeds. Now he is not wrinkled, not a little bundle and eats all day, only stopping to sleep. I lie. He has his ups and downs but I wouldn’t trade him for the world.

He’s gone from this…………….

Lately he has been very into Superheroes, (which makes me very proud) particularly Iron Man, he loves Iron Man. So, his birthday turned into a bit of an Iron Man celebration.
I made him an Iron Man cake, whilst at minimal health, so got to be honest, it wasn’t some of my best work, hence no photos of said cake, but luckily, as long as they can recognise it, kids aren’t that judgey.

He got plenty of Iron Man goodies including an Iron Man dress up costume and I obviously had to join in the festivities and do an Iron Man-i (Get it? Get it? *nudge nudge*) The mani is based on the MK 47 from Iron Man 3 (Awesome movie btw, I would fangirl all over Tony Stark) and I honestly think this is THE favourite mani I have ever done. The picture doesn’t do it justice at all.

to this! My Little Superhero.
He had a fun day and even though the cake didn’t look amazing, it tasted bloody gorgeous. Nom.

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