Polish Days- To Boldly Go/Sci-Fi- Warehouse 13 Nails

When I received the email telling us what the theme was for this months Polish Days. I squeeeed, honestly, this is a theme close to my heart, I love Sci-Fi and when i read the title, I had hundreds, nay, thousands of different designs I could do running through my head. This is such a fab theme and one I have been waiting for.
After my brain calmed down a little bit, I logically thought about what I should do. My first thought was Star Trek nails because it would be right on target with the new movie in the cinemas, but then I thought, because it’s in the cinema and because of the title of the theme (To Boldly Go) that quite a few people would go for that design this month, same with cosmic/space/galaxy nails. SO, those were both off the list. 
Then I thought about my favourite TV shows and one that is on my mind at the moment because of the bad news fans recently got. Warehouse 13– it has recently been revealed that there will only be 6 episodes in the next season and then it will be cancelled. Gutted ;'(. So, because of that, I decided that this months Polish days would be my ‘ode’ to this awesome show that we will be losing soon.
And this is what I ended up with.
Deciding what to do on each nail was the hardest part, I did originally have an Artie nail in there and a Lena’s B&B sign but they didn’t quite work.

The Farnsworth was an obvious one that was definitely going to be in there and I’m really pleased with how it turned out.
I’ve done a little breakdown below to show what each nail is.

The thumb is a Farnsworth– The agents communication device
Index finger is the number 13 from the Warehouse 13 title
Middle finger is a representation of my favourite character Claudia.
Ring finger is the neutralizer goo and the neutralizer bag.
Pinkie is the Eye of Horus- Symbol for the Regents.
Claudia and Pete are my favourite characters but for the life of me i couldn’t think of anything Pete specific to do on a nail. Sorry Pete.
Polishes used: Barry M Gold Foil, Barry M Gold Glitter, Barry M Gelly Pomegranate, Barry M Black, Barry M Spring Green, Barry M Silver Foil, Barry M Matt White, Barry M Nail Art Pens Black and White and Rimmel Purple Reign.
I really love this mani and did my other hand to match it, luckily most of the detail wasn’t too hard to get the same when using my weak hand. I’m going to wear these for a couple of days now I think.
I highly recommend watching Warehouse 13 if you don’t already and are into the quirky scifi shows but SYFY need to get their act together and stop cancelling all these programmes on us.
Hope you like these, don’t forget to check out all the other worldy lovelies taking part which will show below.
If you want to take part in next months Polish Days click here to check out the Polish Days page.



Author: Chrissie

13 thoughts on “Polish Days- To Boldly Go/Sci-Fi- Warehouse 13 Nails

  1. Thanks hun. I highly recommend watching it if you like things like Alphas and Haven. Its got the whole sci-fi thing with a fair bit of comedy. :)x

    1. The circuit board was the most pain in the ass one to do, I did it freehand first but it didn't match the quality of the other nails so i removed it and used some striping tape to help get the lines looking better. :)x

    1. I had a bit of help from striping tape and nail art pens but glad it turned out looking so good. The problem with Syfy if that the want all these people to watch the new shows on their channel and as soon as you get invested in a show and it starts to get really good, they go and cancel it. First it was Eureka, Then Alphas and now Warehouse 13, what next? :)x

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