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Have you ever bought any of the octagonal stamping plates from Born Pretty Store or elsewhere and found that they don’t tend to fit into a standard stamping plate holder and so you just end up with them lying around or just dumped together into the back of the holder you have? If like me this is exactly what you do, you’ll find that these plates end up with scratches all over them. Plus, isn’t it nice to have everything have it’s own neat and tidy place to live?
This Born Pretty Stamping Plate holder is perfect for those plates and also a perfect travel companion to bring some stamping plates with you on getaways and holidays, if you want to be able to change your nail art but don’t want to take up too much space.
The plate holder is made from a kind of leatherette material and comes in 2 colours Pink or Peach blow, I received the pink one and the Peach Blow is kind of a baby pink colour.
It has 12 inserts, each insert has a pocket on the front and back, meaning it can hold up to 24 stamping plates. It will fit the octagonal stamping plates, and standard sized round plates like Konad and Bundle Monster. The only plates I have found so far that don’t fit are the larger Cheeky Stamping Plates.

The inserts are connected at a single point as you can see in the picture above and so they swivel out rather than opening like the standard book type holders.
It measure 8x9cm which makes it the perfect size for your pocket or to slot into a travel case or handbag. 

I gave this a good test in my pocket and my bag, it hugs the plates snugly and even when upside and being moved around a lot, none of the plates fell out or even slipped out of the slots at all. Any dents put into the leatherette quickly disappeared once the item making the dent was removed, which means it will be quite durable in the long run.
If you’d like to buy the Born Pretty Stamping Plate Holder, you can get it here for $5.29 (£3.15). Don’t forget to use my code for 10% of your entire order, Just enter CBAQ10 at checkout.
This Stamping Plate Holder was sent to me for review purposes. All opinions expressed are my own honest opinions.

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