Loot Crate: Heroes

This months Loot Crate was Heroes, and it had me in Nerdgasm heaven. I honestly think that this is my favourite box so far, not just because of the theme, not just because of the type of items but because the whole box just came together in a bundle of epic things that Chrissie loves. 
It’s quite a long post, so I have popped a jump in here, click it to see what was in the box.

As usual The artwork for the magazine cover is amazing and having done some awesome artwork in last months Villains theme crate, the Loot Crate team continued the inner box artwork this month and excelled themselves.

On the outer side of the box, we have this little hint of what is inside. Have you worked out what it is yet? If you haven’t then this might help:

It is indeed an entrance to the Loot Crate Sewer Lair. This is the type of awesomeness that makes me love Loot Crate even more. 
So lets move onto the goodies that came in the crate. Excuse me if I muddle my words, but I’m still recovering from absolutely losing my shit when I opened the crate.
First up is this Kidrobot TMNT Ooze Action Figure. I received Donatello and I’m really pleased that I did because he is, after all, my absolute favourite of The Turtles. It is part of the Ooze Action Glow in the Dark Series, and from what I can tell, it is the weapons that have the glow effects.

There are 6 figures in this series to collect and although I already have my favourite character, I really, really want the Shredder figure as well. And now for a bit of self promotion, have you seen my super cute Shredder nails yet?

Next up is my favourite item from the box, the Funko POP! Groot Bobblehead with Loot Crate exclusive glow in the dark arm. This is our first full size Funko and it only made us want more of them.

The back of the box shows 6 collectible figures and this made me want the Rocket Raccoon one, although I would happily have all of them.
Slightly off topic but have you seen the Diablo Funkos? There are so freakin’ adorkable, I want them all!
Because both of the above figures have a glow in the dark effect on them, i wanted to do a little test and see how well the effect worked on both. I charged them both up over a lamp for the same amount of time, then I set the ISO on my camera to high and hid away in a dark corner of the house.
Groots arm glows beautifully, the effect is really strong and pops right out as soon as the figure is in the dark.

The Donatello figure however, not so much, at first I struggled to capture anything glowing on the images and so I charged it over the light for a little bit longer, this was the best I could do, you can barely see it in the photo, and I’m not 100% sure but I think the mask might have a glow effect to it as well.

Then I pulled out the TMNT sunglasses. Again they were Donatello, it is like the team know me. Even though I look like a bit of a weird ‘un wearing these, the would go perfectly with my TMNT Shell Backpack and my TMNT earrings. 
Shwings Lightning Bolts, how did I not know of the existence of these previous to today? I instantly added these to my Wonder Woman Converse:

They look amazing, but because the are lightning bolts, they are making want The Flash Converse, they would look so much better on them. I also want the Shwings Gold Wings to put on my Wonder Woman Converse, but then, they would look better on the new 2014 Wonder Woman Converse, so I want those as well. I’m not asking for too much, am I?
I know Mega Man is really popular, but I’m just not really a fan of his, I do kind of wish I had gotten the Sonic Air Freshener. Add this to the fact that I don’t own a car and I’m not sure what to do with this Mega Man Proto Freshener.

Although it is Apple Cinnamon scented, so I may just sit here and sniff it, would that be weird?

I love the fact that Deadpool featured in both the Villains and Heroes crates. I am still in love with the Deadpool socks and the Deadpool nails I did inspired by those socks are some of my favourites ever.
This magnet has artwork by the incredibly talented Zack Finfrock and fits in well with other magnets from previous boxes that are proudly displayed on our fridge.

Finally, we received a card with some Looter digital exclusives. This includes Doctor Who Legacy DLC (IOS, Android, Kindle and Facebook) which unlocks 11 Doctors, Rose Tyler, Clara and K-9, Defense Grid: The Awakening full game and  DLC for Gauntlet which unlocks a Loot Crate exclusive in-game helm- Mask of the Wyrm Slayer (Steam)

As usual, we received a collectible Heroes Pin Badge showing artwork from the magazine cover.
Phew, that was a whole load of awesome, topping this months crate will be difficult, but I’m sure they will do it. The monetary value is irrelevant because of how much I love these items, but based on the prices I have seen, the value is at least the amount I paid for it, if not more.
I can’t believe there are people out there that haven’t signed up to Loot Crate yet, if you are one of them, sign up here, do it quick, go on, off you pop! 

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