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I’m a fair bit late posting the Loot Crate this month because it was quite late arriving with us, it was so late I started to panic that it wasn’t going to arrive with us at all. It’s been really difficult to avoid all of the Loot Crate spoilers on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook, especially for the last week but I got through it in completely unscathed. 
The theme this month is Battle. There are many different battle types throughout the nerdverse but the crate seems to have a rather large focus on Street Fighter and Megaman. The cover of the magazine is an awesome Battle Arcade Machine, awesome art as usual, I really wish that they would do the covers or variants of the cover art as little pullout posters in the middle of the magazine, wouldn’t that be awesome?
First up, I’m going to show you my personal favourite item this month:

The Assassins Creed IV Unity Coin with Velvet Pouch- Ubisoft Entertainment Inc
Only initiates of the Brotherhood and Templars will recognise this coin, which is adorned one one side with the seal of the Assassins. On the opposite side, there is a space for Looters to engrave their names (below the logo) and truly make it one-of-a-kind. This is a Loot Crate Exclusive!

How awesome is this coin. Hands down this is definitely my favourite item from this months Loot Crate. It is very well done and is quite weighty and is a stunning coin. This would be amazing as a necklace but I wouldn’t want to ruin it.

Megaman Mini Helmet Replica: Capcom
One of the most famous video game heroes is Capcom’s Megaman, star of over 130 different games in the past 27 years. He may be best known as the ‘Blue Bomber’ but Megaman has donned all kinds of color combinations over the years. This month’s crate features an exclusive Megaman mini helmet replica feautring some of the classic Megaman 2 colors as well as Megaman 3’s rush.

Ok, so I’m not a massive fan of Megaman but this mini helmet is pretty cool and we have added it to our nerd corner. It is a solid, sturdy piece and is shaped exactly like a helmet. It comes with a little plastic black stand, that attaches inside the helmet. There were slight imperfections on our helmet, some bubbling here and there and some of the red paint had ended up on the blue paint, but they aren’t highly noticeable.

HALO Drop Ship Mini Figures: Mega Bloks
Gear up for battle with the UNSC, or amass an army of Covenant forces with these HALO mini figures. Each fighter comes in his own drop ship grenade, plus a sidearm.

This is pretty cool too, my favourite part of it is that HALO brick, is that weird? The figure is fully articulated and comes with a gun and whatever that other thing is, we haven’t worked it out yet, it looks like it wants to be a shield but yeah, that thing.

Street Fighter Headband: Capcom
Street Fighter is the definitive fighting video game franchise in the world, and it’s premiere character is the World Warrior Ryu, who has been in every single Street Fighter video game since it’s arcade origins in 1987. Ryu is best known for his powerful Hadouken fireball move and his trademark white gi with red headband. This month’s Loot Crate features an exclusive replica of Ryu’s headband that you can wear proudly as the new generation of World Warriors.

Pirates vs. Ninja shirt: Zen Monkey Studios
This month’s exclusive shirt pays homage to the age-old question ‘Who would best the other in battle- Pirates or Ninjas?’ Philosophers and sages have long pondered the question, but only the ones who know the true answer are those who have been present when the smoke cleared after such and epic battle.

I love the t-shirt. The Loot Crate t-shirts are always awesome and luckily we only get them in my size now because the Man was sick of shrinking his and so gave up on them, did I have something to do with the shrinking of his t-shirts just so I could have the Loot Crate exclusive tees all to my self? Of course not, what kind of villainous monster do you take me for? Ok maybe I told him to put the washing machine on a higher temperature, by accident obviously, possibly, I mean NO, you shall never know the truth. but back to that age old question, Pirates or Ninjas? I would definitely be a Pirate, the have cooler outfits and get to be drunk like 100% of the time, would you try doing ninja stuff when you were that drunk? Exactly, I rest my case!
The next lot of stuff is all the digital extras we got this months. Starting with the best one:
Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition Full Game Download– Hell yeah! Although, the Man redeemed this so I don’t get it. It was a Steam code btw. 
Lichdom Battlemage 50% off the full game– Steam Code
Megaman Comics Issues 1 and 24

The collectable pin badge for this month is also pretty awesome!
The back of the magazine had these little pop out figures and I couldn’t work out what they were for until I read the magazine. 

The box turns into a little street scene kind of thing, I apologise for the crappy picture but this was the best I could do trying to get the whole thing in. I love all the box art but I was making shelves from the older boxes to store all my Loot and I can’t do that anymore with the boxes that have art because I don’t want to ruin them, first world problems, I know, it makes me sad.
So what did you think about the November Loot Crate? I have heard awesome things about next months crate, the theme is Anniversary and it is the biggest crate they have ever done, there is going to be an exclusive Funko and a Ghostbusters item, I’m so excited, it sounds like the loot is going to be epic for december, I really hope it turns up before Christmas, it’s not normally this late.
Are you a Pirate or a Ninja? Sound off in the comments.

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