Freckles Polish He’s Been! He’s Been!

Freckles Polish holo polishes wow me every time, and He’s Been! He’s Been! is no exception. I bought this little beauty just before Christmas when Julieann released her Christmas collection and I was immediately drawn to this one. I wouldn’t normally choose a bright red/pink but I wanted at least one polish from the collection and this being holographic meant it had to be the one.
The polish is listed as a red but I would honestly say that is closer to a magenta than anything else.
 The application was perfect and the colour is so pigmented that you could easily get away with one coat, although I did apply two just to be on the safe side. 
Dry time was very quick and the polish dried smoothly with a very slight matte finish, although in the photos it does look more glossy.
In natural light the pink is bold and bright and looks like it has a scattered silver glitter.
In direct sunlight or artificial light, it has a scattered holo look, with less of the oil spill type holo I am used to and this makes for a really stunning effect.

It’s hard to see here but in artificial light (I am yet to try with direct sunlight) the polish also takes on a colour shift effect from the beautiful magenta to a metallic purple colour. But then again, this could just be my eyes playing tricks on me, they do that sometimes.

Apart from the holo effects being absolutely spot on in Freckles Polishes, the other reason they wow me is that they stamp beautifully. Ignoring my complete inability to stamp properly today, this is an example of how He’s Been! He’s Been! stamped on both black and white, this is it in natural light.

This is it in artificial light. As you can see the holo shows up really well over the black and again it takes on a colour shift to a sort of bronze colour. Not so much over the white though, but look how pigmented the pink is.
You can buy He’s Been! He’s Been! from the Freckles Polish Etsy store for £6.50 for a 10ml bottle.
Keep an eye on Freckles Polish, especially on Julieann’s instagram because she is releasing 2 new collections at the end of the month and one of them is going to be a Holo collection based on American Horror Story:Coven and the other collection will be fore Valentines day. I’m super excited!
Who are some of your favourite indie polish brands?

Author: Chrissie

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