Star Wars Death Star Nails- Inspired by Nail It Mag

A few months ago I found a UK stockist that sold Nail It! magazine, I was supper chuffed and it meant that I could buy the individual issues when I could and not have to worry about a subscription or if they would actually arrive. 
In the 2nd issue I purchased they had this awesome Space Invaders spread with 2 simple but amazing Star Wars inspired manicures. I really wanted to try the Death Star one and I am only just getting round to it now.

I only did the Death Star on one nail and so for the other nails, I used the galaxy style from the Urban Stormtrooper mani and after sponging on a few bits of white, I sponged all over the nail with 3 different colours of Born Pretty holographic polishes (#3, #8 and #11)

I then sponged on a small amount of Barry M Diamond glitter on every nail and added a few dots/stars using Barry M Matt white. Then I topped it all with one coat of Seche Vite. 

I really love how this looks, my Death Star doesn’t look quite as good as the Nail It! one but it looks too awesome and adorkable for me to care. This is a great simple mani for any Star Wars fan and it’s probably going to be a look I go back to again and again. Plus sparkles!
I don’t know if you can find Nail It! mag for cheaper in the UK but I have been buying it from Unique Magazines for £4 an issue. They do have subscriptions but single issues when I can suits me just fine at the moment.
What has inspired your nail art lately?

Author: Chrissie

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