I Choose You! Pokemon Valentines Nails

So here is my second, nerdy Valentines nails. I didn’t originally have a plan for Pokemon nails but I was going through my stamping plate folder looking for inspiration and I came across this plate:
Bundle Monster BM-614 from the 2014 CYO Collection and my brain instantly went ‘Pokeballs’ because that’s how cool I am, yes those donuts are in fact  hidden Pokeballs and so my ‘I Choose You’ mani was born. 
I used the stamping decal method to do the Pokeballs. 
1) Paint nails white and allow to dry. DO NOT apply top coat!
2) Stamp image using Konad Black Stamping polish
3) Scrape off the donuts that do not look like Pokeballs
4) Cover each individual ‘Pokeball’ (just over the edges) with white polish and allow to dry
5) Peel and turn over
6) Add a little white polish to the top half of the ‘Pokeball’ ensuring you leave a black outline
7) Now add chosen red polish to the same area and allow to dry
8) Once dry you can peel off and apply to nail. Push down over entire ‘decal’ ensuring all edges are flat. They ‘decal’ should cling nicely to the polished nail.
9) Apply fast drying top coat like Seche Vite. This should make it impossible to see the edges of the decal as the polish will melt together.
For the large Pokeball I painted my nail white, used striping tape to split it in half and applied red polish to the top half, I then drew a line in black polish across the middle and added a black circle and a smaller white circle on top of that.
For the writing on the middle nail, I applied a matte top coat then wrote straight onto the nail using my trusty laundry pen. The Pokeball heart was freehanded.
Polishes used- Models Own Hypergel White Light
Ciate Red Hot Chilli
Konad black Stamping Polish
These are also going to be my second entry into the Bundle Monster Secret Garden Stamping plate giveaway.
What do you think, would you rock these for your Valentine? 

Author: Chrissie

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