Nerd Block Feb 2015: Exclusives!

The theme for this month’s Nerd Block is Exclusives! and the contents this month are pretty good.
Titans Vinyl Figures Breaking Bad Series- Saul Goodman
There were 3 different suit options available, Jesse, Walter and Saul. We got Saul Goodman. Luckily there are no references to drugs or anything along those lines on the box or anything so Ki can put this on his shelf along with his other figures.

He comes with a little mug and wears a bluetooth headset.
Nerd Play Cosplay Trading Cards
Next up are these Nerd Play Cosplay Trading Cards. We received 2 packets and we took these out of the box, because, well, you know, BOOBS! 
I however, love looking at all the awesome details so I opened them up.

These are all the cards from the 2 packs. I’m a little disappointed in the variety, we got 4 Ashley Hay cards, 2 of which were the same and 4 Chaka Cumberbatch, 2 of which were also the same, 2 Leeanna Vamp, 2 Monika Lee, 2 Meagan Marie, 2 YuffieBunny, a Yaya Han, a WindOfTheStars and a Jayden Okageo.

Desktop Distractions Drumkit Notepad Set
This Drum Set notepad and Drumsticks pencil set it pretty quirky and it has made a fun addition to Kian’s desk.

The pages are plain and the book has 2 holes so that you can stand the pencils up when you are not using them. The pencils seem like good quality pencils but the adhesive on the notepad seems a little bit rubbish and feels almost like the pages are going to fall straight off the moment you open the pad.

Cliccors- Shirtpunch and Nerd Block variants
I didn’t manage to get a picture of these Cliccors out of the packet before they got lost in toy oblivion

They remind me of the little thing you get in quit smoking packs that is meant to keep your hands busy. They are joined rather than open ended and from the very brief look I had of them, you can click/bend them backwards, forewards and side to side to make 3d shapes.

Marvel Star Wars 001 Variant Cover
Marvel Star Wars 001 variant cover is awesome, and I would be a little more impressed with it had we not received one in Loot Crate last month but variants are great to have and Ki is just starting his comic book collection so this is a great addition to that.
Flashicle T-shirt

The t-shirt is this fab Flashicle t-shirt. We will never get bored of superhero/food parody shirts.
Overall, this month’s box wasn’t bad, it was a nice variety of items and having a box full of exclusive is always a good idea. We have signed up to Arcade Block this month with the intention of cancelling the classic block subscription that was until they announced that there would be a Baby Dancing Groot in next months classic block and there is no way in hell I am missing out on that. So stay tuned for an Arcade Block and then a decision on which one we keep.

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