Loki Nails for FCBD 2015

Yes, I know, it’s Free Comic Book Day tomorrow, but we have actually managed to find a comic book store relatively close to us and we are able to take part this year, so we will be out pretty much all day tomorrow, I’m actually really excited about it, there are going to be cosplayers and fun stuff and this will also be the first time that Ki has been to a proper Comic store, we only found it a couple of weeks ago and have been once just to make sure we know how to get there and to get some comics we wanted.
Last year I did a comic style mani for FCBD but this year I had the Loki helmet embellishments sat there staring at me and with the Avengers Age of Ultron out in cinemas now (hoping to go see it next week) I thought a Loki mani would be the perfect one to go for.
Loki nail charms were bought on ebay, this listing here, I got 5 charms for a total of £3.03 incl postage.
I used Models Own Velvet Goth Absinthe for the green base, this has been sat in my unused pile for ages, how did I not realise it was this pretty, then I used Barry M Matte Black and A-England Holy Grail for the details. 
I used She Sells Seashells v shaped vinyls and straight vinyls to get the edges with the Barry M Matte black and the gold details were done alongside using a dotting tool
I didn’t want to add a topcoat (I know, cardinal sin) but the details looked so good without it and I love that the matte black stands out and kind of looks a little bit like leather and it gives a good layered effect.
I stuck the Loki helmet on with a big blob of Seche and it feels pretty sturdy, I’m hoping it holds up well, the true test will be if it is still attached in the morning. 
Are you able to take part in FCBD this year? What will you have on your nails this year?
Don’t forget that the Comic Book stores pay for their FCBD comics so make sure you buy something in the store too.

Author: Chrissie

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