Born Pretty Store La Qin An Y020 Galaxy Stamping Plate

Gah! The adorableness of this plate is immense. It is a square La Qin Ann plate from Born Pretty Store and it has 6 large galaxy/space/constellation designs and 12 small zodiac symbols. The plate is 6x6cm in size and the larger designs are about 1.5x2cm, whereas the smaller, individual designs are about 5mm.

The 2 large designs on the right side of the plate are the same as the 2 on the left except that they are inverted. I used the top left image for my thumb and ring finger, then I used the top right for my index and middle finger, these patterns give a great splattered look and could be used in loads of different mani’s.
These images stamped perfectly, they are a great depth with no imperfections.
The pinkie finger was excess polish scraped off the stamping plate that I picked up with the stamper.

Then I stamped over this using the constellations and the full nail zodiac symbols. I love when double stamping turns out just right.
I did get a few very small patchy bits on these images, but nothing that is very noticeable.

Here are some macros of both designs.
The only 2 bad points of this plate are;
1; The constellations in the top middle design are very close together, this would make it difficult to do individual constellations separately. It’s doable but a pain in the ass.
2; The top right splatter design is a pain in the ass to clean. I rubbed over it with a cotton pad that had polish remover on, and even rubbing very gently, it immediately started snagging the pad and getting loads of fibres stuck in the design, to clean it, I had to use the cotton pad and then some tape and then rub with my thumb to get rid of any residue.
Polishes used: Barry M Gelly Cotton
Barry M Gelly Sugar Plum
Barry M Gelly Kiwi
Barry M Gelly Damon
Stamping Polishes: Konad Black
Konad White
Stamper: Creative Shop Stamper
I really like this plate and I think it would be great for a regular galaxy style nail art if you find the right polishes to do it with.
You can find this stamping plate here for £2.60/$3.99 and don’t forget, if you use my code CBAQ10, you can get 10% off your basket amount!
Hope you have all had a good weekend. Did any of you get that massive storm yesterday/last night? We got it here but it didn’t last that long and I honestly don’t think it has done anything to break the heat, I’m hoping we get another one.
Anywhoo….. have an awesome night!

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