Arcade Block July 2015

Still on a catching up binge here, and this is the very late Arcade Block for July. I can’t remember what the theme was for this one and it doesn’t seem to say anywhere, although I can’t remember if Arcade Blocks even have a monthly theme.
So anywhoo, here is the stuffs we got:

Funko POP! Evolve Val
It’s always a good day when you get a Funko and the fact that it is a kickass lady character makes it even better.

Caution T-shirt
This is a good quality t-shirt with a bold print inspired by the Clickers in Last of Us. The t-shirts in the Arcade Blocks are set to be Jim sized and this one just fits. 
Bored T-shirt
It was a 2 t-shirt month, like a little extra treat, I think the second t-shirt came from a selection of t-shirts from Classic and Horror Nerd Blocks and we received this Sherlock inspired design, which is awesome, we love Sherlock.

Cut The Rope Nommies
Cute and squidgy Cut the Rope toys, it’s a great game but I would never have thought a toy range would have been produced for them. Of course, I had completely forgotten the era that we live in and then I remembered that there are toy ranges for everything, then we promptly lost one of the toys under the sofa. 
This one is definitely a meh item in my opinion.

DJ Organic and Mega Ran: Coin Op Crush
These cd’s are always cool and when it comes to arcades and gaming and stuff, we love a trip down memory lane. 

Plus this is an Arcade Block exclusive and you know I love exclusives.

Sonic Worlds Unite: Battles #1
A good item to add to our stash, especially since it is an Arcade Block exclusive variant cover.

Classic Console Cartridge Coasters
Try saying that 10 times in a row really really fast, Classic Console Cartridge Coasters, Classic Console Cartridge Coasters, Classic Console Cartridge Coasters………. ah you get the idea, it’s a tough one.

These were my favourite item from the lot. The coasters look like old school NES cartridges and have images inspired by popular retro games. They are also an Arcade Block Exclusive.
We won’t be putting our drinks on them though, they are made from a foamy cardboard and they would just get ruined, especially with my shakey hands and cups of tea, so we are probably going to put them in some kind of display.
This was a pretty good month for the Arcade Blocks. A good few exclusives, a funko and an extra t-shirt. what did you think of this month’s Block?
If you would like to sign up you can do that here, it’s $19.99 +shipping if you take a monthly subscription but hurry if you would like the August block, there are only 122 spaces left.

Author: Chrissie

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