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This month’s Loot Crate theme was their second ever sequel, Villains 2. The original Villains Crate from last year remain to this day one of the best, it was a great selection of items, not that tbh Loot Crate have ever really gone wrong with their curation. I am loving the lastest styles of the magazine covers but Loot Crate, please, please, please make these into mini posters available in the crates.
So lets have a look at this month’s villainous haul.

Los Pollos Hermanos Apron (50/Fifty)
‘Something delicious is always cooking at los Pollos Hermanos, the fictional, fried chicken restaurant chain that also doubles as a hub of money-laundering and illegal trafficking on one of our favourite shows.’
I’ll be honest, I had no idea what this was when we pulled it out, the Los Pollos Hermanos reference, not the apron, of course I knew it was an apron haha. Then when I looked at the item page in the magazine, the RV in the background made me think Breaking Bad but I still had to have a Google just to check. I’ve tried watching Breaking Bad but I just cannot get into it, it bores me, I’m sorry but it does.
I do however, really like the fact that Loot Crate are trying to branch out to other wearables.
EXCLUSIVE The Joker Wooden Figure (DC Collectibles)
‘He may be the ‘Harlequinn of Hate’ but we’re sure you’re going to love this awesome collectible figure carved from co-friendly woos and featuring heads and posable arms.’
I really love this figure, it reminds me both of the toys we used to have in school when I was little and of the Mondoshawan from The Fifth Element, just because of his shape. The heads have a stick attachment on the back which literally just slots into a hole behind it.

Venom or Carnage 3d Mugs (Surreal Entertainment)
‘Sure they may be bad, but you can’t say the villainous vessels don’t have winning smiles! Each mug in this toothy twosome holds 16oz and is ready to forge a symbiotic bond between you and your favourite beverage. (one per crate)’
As you can see I received the Venom mug and I’m so happy I got this one instead of the Carnage one, this one just looks so much more badass. The cup is proper sturdy and will make a perfect vessel for my tea. I just have to find where to put it now because awesome mugs is another of my obsessions and I am pretty much at and over cupboard space limit now already.

Captain America Hydra Pin (eFX Collectibles)
‘Worn by followers of the Red Skull and those who’ve pledged their allegiance to the Hydra, this authentic, hand crafted replica was manufactured using the original digital files of the actual screen prop’
This is definitely my favourite item from this month’s crate, it’s gorgeous. It has a double pin on the back which will help to ensure it doesn’t fall off whatever clothing item I adorn with it. It’s not heavy but will pretty much look awesome on anything.

The Villains 2 pin badge features Venom and his toothy grin…

…and the box innards feature some cool underground lair type art which show us the Joke Bot plans!
The goodies this month are fantastic quality although it does feel as if something was missing because there are only 4 items and as of late there have been upto 7 and 8 items in the crates, though I can see why there would be less in this one purely because these 4 items are quite high end, I checked the prices again this month because it was pretty easy to find the items, all of them were on Amazon UK:
Los Pollos Hermanos Apron £14.36
DC Collectibles Wooden Batman £14.82
Venom 16oz mug £11.87
Hydra Pin Badge £23.99
That’s £65.04! A whopping price for 4 items and remember, we pay about £20 including postage, so basically we paid for one item and got 3 free. 
Loot Crate have already announced next month’s theme which is going to be SUMMON! and they have already said there will be items from Pokemon and Hearthstone, eeeee super excited. Plus how friggin badass is the theme image? I’m hoping it’s is giving little hints because I spy Castiel on the right and anything Castiel is needed. Also, love anything Blizzard so that’s awesome!
I’m sure you are excited too and want to sign up now because you need to have this stuff, you do need this stuff, you will sign up, click this link and go and sign up now!

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