OPI DS Extravagance

This is quite possibly the most beautiful polish I own, have ever owner, will ever own. This is OPI DS Extravagance, I have been lusting after the OPI DS polishes ever since I started getting into nail stuff but they can be tough to find and when I did find them, the prices were quite high.

One of my favourite people Sarah  from Kitten Nails sent me this beautiful polish because she is awesome and the gorgeousness of the polish makes me feel like I owe her my first born or something of equal epicness. (There is a Kitten Nails blog sale going on at the moment, go check it out for polishes and make-up)

Extravagance has so much depth to it and every angle gives a different look.

You can see on some parts of the nails where the light hits and it looks orangey like fire. I’m not entirely sure what the actual base colour of the polish is though, it’s either a purpley pink or a pinky purple, I might just call it pinkle or purplink.

I used OPI nail envy as a base, then 2 coats of OPI DS Extravagance, I didn’t use topcoat. It dried quickly and finished smooth and shiny. I wore this for 5 days because I couldn’t bear to take it off and it held up pretty well tbh.
 I milled about doing my normal day to day stuff which involved a lot of keyboard gaming and this lead to minimal tip wear before I finally started to get corner wear towards the end of day 4 and a massive chip out of my thumb nails on day 5. Colour me impressed, I half expected it to falter by the end of day 2 because in my experience, top brand, pretty polishes don’t tend to have that length of wear time.
I’m going to keep my eyes super peeled for other OPI DS polishes, because even though I wanted them before, after seeing how pretty Extravagance is up close in person, I need MOAR! What is your your prettiest polish from your collection?

Author: Chrissie

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