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I am, without a doubt, a massive fan of snacks, but with the fact that I am about to hit the big 30 in less than a year and with my health problems, I have been trying to switch up my snackage for healthier version and tbh, this hasn’t always been successful or easy. These healthier versions of snack foods can be quite pricey in comparison and sometimes they reel you in with with awesomely cheap trial prices, get you hooked and then once the trial ends it’s like ‘HOW MUCH?’.
I spotted these Yu! snacks in Poundland about 2 weeks ago and I decided to give them a go for both me and Ki. Each bag contains 5 smaller bags. The banana and raspberry in this post are 20g bags and the granola is 22g.
The first ones I tried were the Banana pieces in yoghurt. OMG!  (´ཀ`)  (this is supposed to be my drooling emoji) they were lush. Ok, so they don’t look like the most appetising thing in the world, but the texture is nice, the flavours are all perfect and the 20g packet size is really quite satisfying. I honestly felt food content.
So then I tried the Granola and Mango clusters in yoghurt and it was just another really satisfying snack moment. The packet contains nicely sized granola clusters with little tiny pieces of dried mango and the whole cluster is covered in yoghurt. It’s a good crunchy bite. 
At this point, these were the only ones we had bought, at the time it was all the had on the shelves, so a few days later I went back to stock up on these ones and that is when I spotted the raspberry pieces in yoghurt.
These ones are the same as the banana ones but with raspberry pieces instead and these ones are definitely my favourite. They have a little bit of a stronger flavour, I suspect that is because of the raspberry pieces themselves but noms were many.
They are all made with real fruit and real yoghurt and contain no artificial colours which (I am no expert on reading or understanding nutritional info so I put up packet photos for you to see, click to make it larger) I’m pretty sure means they are quite healthy.
But the flavour and the healthy snack factor aren’t the best part, Oh no! Now I know that Poundland have been getting more and more brands into their stores but I have never heard of Yu! before and so I had no idea they were a proper brand in the sense that they were in supermarkets and stuff. So I did a quick search around for similar products and price ranges and I found Yu! snacks on Tesco and Waitrose, they didn’t have these exact flavours but they did have Strawberry pieces in yogurt for the same pack size at £2.20 (although Tesco have now changed to £1.50). 
That is a massive saving and the dates on them aren’t bad so I might have a little stock up on them just in case Poundland stop doing them. Ki loves them too and it’s a great healthy treat for him to have at lunchtimes or for a mid afternoon snack.
I am always looking out for great gaming snacks too and these were great in the portioning and the fact that you can just grab one quickly from the packet on load screens or when you are waiting to respawn although I did get a little bit of yoghurt residue on the analog so they aren’t the perfect snack for gamers so we’ll keep looking on that front.
What are your favourite gaming snacks or if you are a mum/dad would you use these as a snack for your babbers?

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