KBShimmer PT Young Thing Swatch

A few weeks ago, I realised, whilst pondering the meaning of life, that I hadn’t done a Harlow&Co purchase in ages and obviously I had to rectify that, so I bought 4 of the KBShimmer polishes on my wishlist. This one immediately caught my eye when opened the package.
I’ll warn you now, this post is a little bit photo heavy because this polish is THE most drool worthy polish EVER!! You may look at the above photo and wonder how? But what if I told you that the above photo was taken in natural light, not just that but there was no sun at the time of this photo, it was a dull and grey British day and yet the holo is popping out like a beast. 
Still not convinced, Lets look at a few more photos. I’ll make a believer out of you.

This photo was also taken in natural light with no sun, you have to admit that that holo is pretty strong for dull lighting?

How about a little closer, look at that rainbow! This is when the sun popped out for a little peek at the holo.

How about closer still? Alright, alright, I can see that you aren’t getting quite as excited about this polish as I am, so I’m bringing out the big guns.

BAM! Here it is under artificial light. 
This polish is absolutely perfect. The formula is amazing too, it just glides on, as smoothly as you could ever imagine, it dries quickly and to a smooth and shiny finish. All photos in this post are 2 coats with no topcoat.

You didn’t think this post was going to end without a bottle shot, did you? I wonder what it would be like to have hair that looks like this, now that would be perfect mermaid hair but then eveyone would want it and they would try to steal it and I would be hunted for my beautiful holo hair and that would be horrible, but still, I would be fabulous and magical!

Oh and here is another close up just because drools! 
I highly recommend this polish to any of the holosexuals out there, as I said, even on a dull day the holo was right there distracting me from every task, anytime I looked down it caught my eye and was just like ‘ooooooh shiny’, actually it’s quite dangerous, don’t buy it, but definitely go buy it, unless you’re a driver in which case don’t holo and drive, it’s a very important message which we all have a responsibility to spread.
PT Young Thing is $11 CAD/$8.46 USD/ £5.54 and for the 4 polishes I paid $8.84/£4.46 postage to the UK, which when you look at all the prices, is an absolute bargain. It took 2 weeks for the polishes to arrive. 
I am definitely adding ALL of the KBShimmer holos to my wishlist now. Hope your week doesn’t suck so far.

Author: Chrissie

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