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This month’s Loot Crate was another one that I was excited for based on the theme, TIME was not only going to be filled with some of our favourite time traveller related items but was also 100% exclusives! The magazine art was, as always, amazing, and while I am still waiting for the art to be included as a poster or pullout, we did get this…

…in the centre of the magazine was a card fold out pullout featuring the BTTF DeLorean license plate. The page with the Doc Brown quote on would be left behind if you ripped along the perforation so I didn’t do that, I pulled the staples out very gently so it was all one piece because it just looks awesome with the added quote. 
You might also notice that my post is super early this month, my crate arrived with me on the 15th, I hadn’t received any tracking info or anything and I thought they only shipped on 18th/19th, not that I am complaining about it being early, in fact I am keeping my fingers crossed it’s like this from now on because I didn’t get spoilered at all and it takes away all the postman stalking, they are starting to get a bit creeped out by it I think.
So let’s have a look at the exclusive goodies from this month.

EXCLUSIVE Back to the Future Dr Emmett Brown POP! Figure (Funko)

‘Great Scott, it’s our exclusive Doc Brown Funko POP! Vinyl figure! We didn’t have to travel in the DeLorean to find this one… he’s brand new and only available in your Loot Crate! Our very own curators helped design the figure, with inspiration from the climactic clock tower scene in the first Back to the Future film!’

Funko= awesome, BTTF= awesome, Doc Brown= love! Seriously this is badass, the normal Doc Brown Funko has his goggles up and is holding the remote for the DeLorean and is wearing his white jumpsuit thingy, the Loot Crate exclusive Doc has his goggles down, is holding the jumper cable with a little electricity spark between and is wearing the clothes from the clock tower scene. I love this funko so much and look at his little raised eyebrow. 

EXCLUSIVE Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure T-shirt (Loot Crate Labs)
‘Greeting, most excellent Looters. Meet Bill and Ted, two time-travelling slackers who had a blast in the past and are now themselves a cinematic blast from the 80’s past! Slip on our exclusive retro inspired tee and get ready  to rewrite a little history of your own. Wash in cold water to prevent bogus shrinkage, dudes!’
I like how simple this tee is, I was a fan of this movie, not to the levels of BTTF fandom but still a fan. One thing worth noting about this month’s tee, the sizing seems really quite small which is strange because the Loot crate tees are normally pretty spot on but this one may end up being a bed time tee because of the size.

EXCLUSIVE Back to the Future Part II Hoverboard Replica (Quantum Mechanix)
‘Back in 1989, Marty McFly rode his hoverboard into the future– October 21, 2015 to be exact– inspiring fantasies of new technology and personal transportation. Loot Crate celebrates the dream with our very own prop replica measuring 5″ long. Includes a special mirrored base and certificate of authenticity.’
ERMAHGERD! This is definitely, DEFINITELY, the best item from this month’s crate. I freakin’ love it. I can’t say much else about it, I mean, look at it, it’s just…. gah!

EXCLUSIVE Doctor Who Sonic Spork Utensil (50/Fifty)
‘Time travelling works up a mighty appetite, so what better way to snack your way across eons than with Loot Crate’s exclusive Sonic Screwdriver Spork?! We rounded up a time spoon and time fork that were wearing a bit thin, and they regenerated, much like the good Doctor himself, into the multifunctional utensil you see before you.’
I may have mentioned on my Doctor Who nails post that I am not a fan myself, so this may be passed onto a Whovian friend, strangely though, this is fairly easy for me to hold with my MS hands compared to normal forks/spoons, so it might even be kept for no other reason than that.

TIME Pin Badge (Loot Crate)
This month’s pin badge has a Flux Capacitor on it! And where the little ‘shield eyes from light’ warning label would be is a little label saying ‘We Love You’ d’aaaaaaawwwww!

For the box art, and correct me if I am wrong, but I am pretty sure this is all the people that Bill and Ted brought back with them from the past. On the left is a sneaky bit of the Tardis and on the right a sneaky bit of the DeLorean.
I love this month’s Crate and the Back to the Future movies are some of my all time favourites so I adore the Doc Brown Funko and Hoverboard, plus the fact that it is Back to the Future day tomorrow makes it even more awesome to get these two. I already know what my Inspired by Loot Crate nail art is going to be, hopefully it will be up tomorrow (hint hint) so keep an eye out. 
What did you think of the TIME crate and all the exclusive goodies? Don’t forget, if you are crazy enough to have not signed up yet, do it now here!

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