My Favourite Mani’s of 2015!

I have been pretty sparse on the blog these last few weeks because of the festivities and because of our beautiful new family addition, Kylo keeping us busy, but I really wanted to do one of these favourites posts. I honestly feel pretty chuffed with myself looking back over 2015 and I really love a huge majority of my nail art but it made sense to go through and pick a smaller amount of favourites and obviously, most of them turned out to be nerdy ones or Loot Crate inspired mani’s. It was supposed to be the top ten but then I remembered one that needed a special mention. 
I have ordered these, which was a tough feat and it would likely change order on any different day but here goes.

These were inspired by the awesome BlackTieGeek bowtie from the April Loot Crate.

Another mani inspired by an awesome Loot Crate item.

This was one of my nerdy Valentines mani’s and it turned out exactly how you would want it to!

These were my favourite from my recent Star Wars mani week and were simply perfect and perfectly simple. 

These were way back in January and were based on some Batgirl socks I received last Christmas.

I adore this mani. I had wanted to do Stargate nails for a while and these turned out awesome.  I love that only a Stargate fan will really know what they are.

I did these for May the 4th, back when BB-8 was becoming a thing and everyone was like ooooh! I think the mani turned out just as cute as BB-8 and it’s the closest I’m ever going to get to a Sphero RC BB8.

Most of the time when I do nerdy mani’s they are a kind of celebration of the things I love! This turned out great, minus the brick block which I am still bummed about but the overall mani is one of my all time nail art loves.

Another mani inspired by the awesomeness that is Loot Crate. These were inspired by the October Loot Crate Hoverboard replica. I find that the mani’s I have done that have been inspired by something are often the best because I work harder to try and make it recognisable. This is a perfect example of that.

This is definitely my favourite mani of the year and my favourite mani of all time and I feel like it will continue to be. It is striking and of course, Star Wars. The silhouettes turned out awesome and each element of the mani came together perfectly. 
Special mention: Beach Nails
This mani was done to review a Born Pretty Store embellishment wheel and it became my most popular mani ever, people seemed to love it and so do I. If I had to chose my favourite non nerdy mani ever, it would definitely be this one. 
Which mani’s from 2015 have you liked the best?
I hope you have all had a wonderful year and that your 2016 is wonderful too. It’s been a pretty up and down year for me personally what with my diagnosis and the loss of Pixel, I am hoping 2016 will be a better, happier year and while I am not setting any resolutions, I am going into the year with acceptance and control as a theme.
Happy New Year to all you beautiful people, whoever you are and wherever you are, may your pockets be heavy and your heart be light.

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