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I am still fervently recuperating from my relapse and it has been taking a lot longer than I had hoped/wanted it to but I have had the course of high dose steroids and I think the relapse has finished but it may take some time to recover or the damage that has been done won’t go away, in which case, yay?

Anywhooo! I always feel guilty when my blog is left with nothing happening on it so I had the bright idea of asking if anyone would like to do a nerdy guest post and the lovely Michelle from Marginailia said yes! I love Michelle’s nail art and her nail shape is on point so I was super excited, I mean look at these: Love is a 2 player game nails!

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Now read on for some awesomeness!

Sometimes there’s no greater joy than being a fan of something. Something really, really great (I mean, of course you think it’s great – you’re a fan! But you get the idea). So when asked what I fangirl over, I didn’t need long to come up with The Elder Scrolls.

I first discovered the fantasy computer games of TES, and all their dark, twisted, and fabulous lore at the tender age of 9. I tried my cousin’s copy of Battlespire, which ran on Windows 95. I was terrible at it. Just rubbish. The mechanics completely escaped me, but the impression was lasting – I always wanted to play fantasy games after that. Skip ahead a few years and The Elder Scrolls 3: Morrowind was winning awards all over the place. When I finally bought it, I remember lustily flipping through the manual at the mall food court (hey guys, remember printed manuals in physical game boxes, and buying games at the mall?). I came home, rolled a Dunmer, and never looked back.

I joke that “I grew up in Tamriel.” It’s not far off.

So today I tried my hand at an Elder Scrolls tribute mani! There are loads of TES games out there, including a successful MMORPG. These nails celebrate what’s dear to my heart: Morrowind, Oblivion, and Skyrim.

I did these designs using acrylic paint, and accented it with a charcoal grey foil metallic polish to make it look like old glinting metal. It helps to paint over a black base with fast drying topcoat over it. If you’re topcoated, it’ll be easy to rub off the acrylic paint if you make a mistake.
To start off, we have the moon-and-star symbol of the Nerevarine (a prophesied saviour of sorts, whose shoes the player fills) from Morrowind. My middle finger features the symbol for a Oblivion, a maddening hellscape that is the title feature of the fourth game. Finally, the iconic Imperial dragon is on my ring finger, representing Skyrim. This is the fifth instalment and it probably the most well-known of the TES games. It’s five years old now, but still holds up well.

For the other nails, I created simple water-spotted designs. It fits the aesthetic and doesn’t detract from the decorated nails.

Keychain not nerdy enough? How ’bout I pose with my keychain AND my map of Vvardenfell?
Okay, I’m having too much fun with these. Whether you’re an Elder Scrolls fan or not, I hope you enjoyed this mani. Big thanks to Chrissie for her invitation to guest post!

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