PolishedByLeanne Bobbie and Christmas Duo

Just after Christmas I received 3 lovely polishes as a gift from the lovely Leanne of Polished By Leanne. I am still sad that Leanne had to stop making polishes and these polishes make me even sadder because they are gorgeous.
First up is Bobbie and if I am remember correctly, which I very often don’t, this polish is inspired by their gorgeous puppy Bobbie, seriously, he is adorable.
It is a gorgeous white base with black or dark grey matte glitters in bars, hex and squares. It dried really quickly and to a smooth finish and it was easy peasy to clean up.
Photos show 3 thin coats and 1 coat of Seche.
I wanted to do a cute dog stamp, but of all the stamping plates I have, not a single one has an image of a dog, not a single one! So I had to put some cute paw prints on there.
The nest 2 polishes are from a Christmas Duo from last year, the polishes themselves don’t have individual names, so first up is da red one!

This one is a bright postbox red which applies absolutely beautifully, dries quite speedily and to a gorgeous shiny and juicy looking finish.
It was fairly easy to clean up but being such a juicy red it does get in the cuticles and makes them all angry. Honestly this is a good candidate for a one coater, I used 2 thin coats because that’s how I roll but one thick coat would definitely do the job.
Photos show 2 thin coats with 1 coat of Seche.

The second of the duo is a very pretty glitter topper. It is a clear base with hexes and squares in regular and tiny sizes in red, white and green.

If I was to give this polish a name, it would definitely be Elf Puke, I seriously imagine this is what it would look like, don’t you think? Just me? Mmmkay! 

It is seriously pretty though, which is why you get this bottle shot. What colour would you wear this over?
It was incredibly lovely of Leanne to send me a gift, she knows what I like though haha!
I am slowly getting there with the pile of stuff on my desk but I’m still considering hiring someone for free to sort out my photos and maybe even dictate my blog posts for me. Luckily no one can call me lazy because that would be offensive.
For anyone who like to hear about my life updates, I’m feeling much stronger, in fact, when I am sat down, I feel like I could run a marathon or climb a mountain or some other exertive activity but the moment I stand up, that all goes out the window and I am back to being the weird, drunk auntie. I have next to no balance or spacial awareness, I’m super dizzy and my vision goes funny and I am still having major problems walking, my legs just won’t bend. If put my head down, I feel like my spine has an electric current running through it and the skin across my back is being tightened to the point of almost tearing. Oh my hand and feet still feel like they are on fire. All in all, I’m doing much better than before.
So there we go. Yay me. Where’s the laughing emoji when you need it?

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