Danglefoot Nail Polish Live Colourfully Collection

This collection is the Live Colourfully Collection from Danglefoot Nail Polish and is made up of these beautiful neon holo flakies. Ok, so this isn’t technically the whole collection, the blue is missing, this is because when I bought this grab bag from Hayley and she knew I was going to be buying this collection, she let me know that Geek Out was actually an oopsie of Dress to Impress, the blue from this collection and so very similar to it, so I decided not to buy that one in the end.
I normally buy minis when I buy Danglies so that they all match but Hayley’s collections have been selling out so quickly lately that I had to buy a full size in Ditch the Diet (purple) to make sure I got all the ones I wanted. 

I wanted to have a fun accent nail for all of the swatches, so I did a smoosh using all of them together, it turned out beautifully, with the polishes taking on a sheer, sparkly appearance.
All photos are 2 coats with one coat of Danglefoot Nail polish quick dry topcoat prototype and I have used no white undies in the making of these photos and I tried my best to get the photos to be as colour accurate as possible but it is very tough with neons, my camera turns into a derp and I definitely need a new one.

Make an Entrance

Make an Entrance is a bright, highlighter of a shade, yellow. 

It was tough to see the holo in this colour, in fact, the flakies looked a pretty shade of green which gave this polish even more of a pop.

Spike the Punch

Spike the Punch is a super bright, juice orange.

The flakies show up much more in this polish and give a lovely sparkle to the orange.

Steal a Kiss
Steal a Kiss is a bright coral pink.

You can see the flakies in this one but to me, they show up as more of a purpley shimmer.

Do you see it too?

Break the Rules

Break the Rules is a gorgeous bright Barbie pink.

Again, the flakies show up lovely with this and like Steal a Kiss, they show as slightly purpley.

Dance all Night
Dance all Night is another beautiful highlighter shade of green.

The flakies actually show up as silver with this polish and they show up well, I even managed to catch the holo a smidge in the next photo.

Ditch the Diet

Ditch the Diet is a gorgeous violet purple.

The flakies actually show up the most in this polish, although the holo is still pretty elusive.
All of the polishes had a slightly thicker than usual formula but they were easy to work with and they applied beautifully. Which one is your favourite? I’m definitely leaning towards Dance all Night and Break the Rules but they are all so beautiful.
These have been sat on my desk for a while now, beckoning me to use them and I’m so glad to have finally got round to them. These neons are going to be a staple for me this summer and are fab for toes in sandals. I’m just sad that I didn’t get these up earlier because Hayley’s shop is now closed for a little while and I’m pretty sure that she won’t be restocking these until next summer but she will be opening again around August/September time so keep an eye out for what pretties get stocked.
Have an awesome weekend!

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